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Policies and Procedures


VR POLICY MANUAL, NDAC 75-08-01 - Revised November 2002. The Policy Manual is the required fundamental guide governing the vocational rehabilitation process. It addresses essential criteria required by federal law and federal regulations including applicable definitions, eligibility, comprehensive assessment, plan development, and closure. It has been formalized through North Dakota's rulemaking process and as North Dakota Administrative Code it has the force and effect of law.

VR Operational Policies - These are official NDVR Policies that cover areas not specifically addressed in the policy manual or that need further explanation. The first two numbers signify the year in which the policy was written, the last two numbers represent if it was the 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. policy written that year. For example, the Client Purchases NDVR OP 12-01 was written in 2012 and was the first policy that year.

VR Standardized Procedures and Payments - This category addresses areas where uniform procedures, protocols and/or payment rates are needed to ensure statewide consistency.

TAGs - TAGs are counselor Tips And Guides. They are integral to the vocational and career counseling provided by VR counselors. They are useful as discussion points to consider through the VR process. TAGs are not formal policy.

VRS - Vision Rehabilitation Services .

Questions, comments, or requests for additional information can be directed to (800) 755-2745 or lnider@nd.gov

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