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Vocational Rehabilitation Pre-Employment Transition Services

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Student Services

DVR is an employment focused program that does help eligible students with disabilities either obtain or maintain employment that is within one's capabilities.
Our main purpose is to assist students upon graduation from high school or a General Equivalency Degree program. DVR services might begin during the junior or senior year of high school in order to facilitate a smooth transition to post-secondary education or employment.

This process is referred to as Transition. It often begins at age 16 and is a process that guides a student along a continuum from self-doubt to self-advocacy and from dependency to independence.

A successful high school to college or workforce transition must actively involve the student, parents, educators, adult service providers, business leaders, and the community. It is important that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities in the process because there are vast differences between what high schools do, what colleges will do, and what employers are required to do to assist students and employees with disabilities.


Only students with a documented disability can be found eligible for DVR services. They do not have to have an active Individual Education Plan, or IEP, to qualify for services.

A student:

  • must have a physical or mental impairment
  • the physical or mental impairment must affect the student's ability to obtain or maintain employment
  • the student must require Vocational Rehabilitation services


Services are individualized to the person's situation. Services provided must be:

  • individualized to the person, their needs and their employment goal.
  • jointly developed and agreed upon between the VR Counselor and student.
  • time limited.

Services fall within 5 broad groupings:

  • Evaluations
  • Medical/Psychological Treatment Adaptive Aids, Accommodations, and Assistive Technology
  • Training
  • Employment

Cost of services

Many services are provided at no cost to the eligible individual. (However, some services are subject to financial participation by the eligible individual).

North Dakota Department of Public Instruction

DVR works closely with ND DPI/Office of Special Education in the development of Transition services across North Dakota. DVR is a member of the ND Community of Practices committee and regional DVR offices are actively involved in regional transition groups.

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