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Students Preparing for Nontraditional Fields Projects 2003-2004

Preparing Students for Nontraditional Careers - Grand Forks Area Schools
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Grand Forks Public Schools offered area students and faculty numerous opportunities to learn about nontraditional careers. A panel presentation by men and Male student participating in a nontraditional career in childcare women in nontraditional careers featured men in nursing, daycare and hair stylist occupations; and women in engineering, firefighting, construction work and general manager occupations (car dealership; cabling company). "Switch Day" provided an opportunity for students to participate in alternative CTE classes, e.g., life skills students switching with technology education students, and learning first-hand about the curriculum. Field trips offered exposure to nontraditional careers, with visits to Northland Community College and the UND Aerospace Center. Focus groups made up of senior students enrolled in nontraditional courses were interviewed. It was concluded that encouragement and support are required for nontraditional students to take a chance, try something totally different and be successful.

Look at Me I Can Be... - Lake Region State College (LRSC)
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Nontraditional female student exploring fields in science, studying chemical equipment In an effort to combat the limited exposure to nontraditional careers that results from living in a rural setting, Lake Region State College endeavored to expose students firsthand to individuals successfully employed in nontraditional careers in several communities. Examples of these nontraditional careers included college president, business owner, environmental scientist and newspaper editor. The students created portfolios of their experience, including self-assessments, hands-on activities, interviews, and business activities.

Women into Policing - Lake Region State College (LRSC)
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Lake Region State College endeavored to improve the Female police officer posing for picture with female student level of enrollment of female students in Law Enforcement by introducing area students to the field. A female city police officer made presentations to over 300 students in twelve communities. A brochure was developed that featured this officer, entitled "Law Enforcement, A Career Choice for Men and Women." In addition, defensive tactics workshops were held in two communities that included information and discussion about law enforcement careers. Lake Region has set a goal of increasing the number of female students in this program to 25%.

Preparing Students for Nontraditional Careers: Minot Public Schools
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Minot Public Schools provided four distinct projects to encourage nontraditional exploration and enrollment. Diva Tech Day featured hour-long, hands-on activities for 55 middle school and high Female student painting a car during an auto tech class school girls. Hands-on activities spanned the fields of auto tech, auto collision, welding, and electronics and technology education. A serendipitous blowout created an opportunity for Diva Tech students to change a tire! Exploring the Unknown was the first nontraditional career day for male students of Minot Public Schools. Culinary arts, Healthcare and child-centered occupations were featured. The students were challenged by a "Fear Factor" event that required them to use the skills they had learned throughout the day. Define Your Dreams featured thirty Male students participating in a nontradition culinary arts class female professionals who offered hands-on experiences to fifty area students in grades 7-8. Among the featured guests was a member of the 142nd Heavy Mechanized Unit recently returned from Iraq. Her motivational presentation featured photos of her experience in the war zone. Ms. Fix-It offered single parents and displaced homemakers not only the opportunity to learn about nontraditional professions, but to develop some of the skills required to maintain homes and automobiles. The participants gained expertise in tool use along with self-confidence and career knowledge. All four initiatives of the Minot Public Schools activities are generously subsidized by community businesses and partnerships.

Career Opportunities for Girls (COG) - Richland County Area Career & Technology Center
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Female student participating in a nontraditional field of construction Richland County Area Career & Technology Center's focus was to increase the numbers of nontraditional students enrolled in Auto Tech, Construction Tech, Cisco Networking, and Drafting. Girls in grades 7-9 in member schools (Wahpeton, Hankinson, Wyndmere, Lidgerwood, Richland 44, Fairmount and Campbell-Tintah) were invited to participate in this project, offering them two hour rotations for Construction Careers, Transportation Industry Careers, Computer Networking and IT Careers and Architectural Desktop and Automated Design. Instructional and hands-on activities were featured in each of the rotations. Area guidance counselors were involved in project marketing to students and parents and providing career information.

Technology Camp for Girls - Williston State College
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This is the fifth year Williston State College has hosted this event. Seventeen Female student exploring a CAD design program middle school aged students attended this year. Two featured activities included introducing participants to the aviation flight simulator and taking apart a working computer, then reassembling it into working order. Other activities introduced participants to networking, computer hardware, web design, moviemaker and other software programs. The campers were also treated to a visit with a female bank president, who spoke about being in a nontraditional career.


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