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Students Preparing for Nontraditional Fields Projects 2001-2002

Grand Forks, North Dakota
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Contact: Karen Axvig 701-746-2205

Taking the Road Less Traveled

  1. Exploring Your Options: students visit worksites to learn firsthand about nontraditional careers.
  2. Consortium school field trips to career programs at Grand Forks Public Schools and Northwest Technical College. Features the IT Essentials program.
  3. Summer Volunteer Service Camp: middle school students explore nontraditional careers with established volunteer sites and business partners.
  4. Exchange Program: ninth and tenth grade students enrolled in courses traditional for their gender change places to learn about nontraditional programs and careers.

Hatton, North Dakota
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Contact: Karen Howson 701-543-3455

Careers: two nine week classes targeting seventh and eighth grade students. Units include engineering, horticulture, entrepreneurship and food technology.

Devils Lake, North Dakota
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Contact: Laurel Goulding 701-662-1513

  1. The Sky's the Limit: conference for females grades 6-8 with presentations and hands-on activities by local nontraditional careerists.
  2. Men Into Nursing: project engaging multifaceted recruitment and outreach activities to encourage males to pursue careers in nursing.

Minot Public Schools
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Contact: LaDonna Elhardt 701-857 4458

Preparing Students for Nontraditional Careers

  1. Define Your Dream: The Sky is No Longer the Limit: hands-on presentations and workshops targeting middle school children. Features about 40 careers and nontraditional careerists.
  2. Diva Tech: a Saturday Career Center Workshop for girls grades 8-11. Hands-on activities introducing girls to nontraditional career programs.
  3. Computers for You: targets female students and parents/ grandparents/guardians. Computer parts and assembly, troubleshooting, set-up and exploration in information technology.

Bottineau, North Dakota
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Contact: Larry Brooks 701-228-5457

Careers in Aquatic Science

A two week camp consisting of hands-on activities, laboratory exercises and field trips. Students examine the physical, chemical, and biological integrity of surface and ground water, and observe municipal and industrial water treatment processes. Targets female students aged 16+.

Grafton, North Dakota
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Contact: Liz Daby 701-352-3705

North Valley Nontraditional Summer Camp

Students in grades 7-10 will attend a week-long summer camp focused on the career clusters, Engineering and Industrial, and Health. The Camp will feature nontraditional careerists, field trips, and assistance by former students of North Valley with program experience in nontraditional fields.

Valley City, North Dakota
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Contact: Don Mugan 701-845-7128

Nontraditional Training and Employment

Features two credit bearing workshops for students interested in technology education: Inventions and Innovations - Tech Ed for Children and Resources for Technology. Marketing efforts aimed at recruitment of female elementary education teachers for technology education certification.

Washburn, North Dakota
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Contact: Kathy Kaiser 701-462 3772

Preparing Students for Nontraditional Careers:

  1. Seventh through ninth grade girls to attend Expanding Your Horizons workshop.
  2. In-class presentations by nontraditional careerists for middle school students.
  3. College and worksite tours featuring nontraditional careers for 10th and 11th grade girls. Careers include engineering and drafting, architecture, and information technology. The Emerging Business Leaders program at University of Mary is also included in the tour.

Williston, North Dakota
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Contact: Penny Powell 701-774-7220

Technology College for Girls

A one week technology camp for girls entering sixth through eighth grades. Activities cover computer hardware, purchasing computer equipment, external components, web design, networking, programming, video and graphic design, and career exploration.


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