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Taking the CompTIA Exam


Please arrive at the testing center at least 15 minutes before the test is scheduled to begin. The administrator of the testing center can demonstrate how to use the computer-based testing system before the actual test begins.

Two forms of identification must be presented to the test center administrator. One form should be a photo ID, such as a valid driver's license, passport, military identification, or employee identification card. The other can be a major credit card, or check cashing card. Please be aware that both forms of identification must have a signature.

Examinees under 16 years old may bring a parent or legal guardian with the proper identification. Both the parent/guardian and the minor examinee must sign the logbook. Acceptable forms of photo identification for a minor testing candidate include a student identification card with picture, passport, and library card with a picture.

A Social Security card is an unacceptable form of identification.

Books, calculators, laptop computers, or other reference materials are not allowed during the test. Because the test is computer-based, pens, pencils, or paper will not be needed. It is CompTIA's policy to make reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities.

Examination Format
The certification examination is administered on a computer at a Prometric or VUE authorized testing center, in an easy-to-use format. The format of the examination looks very much like other multiple-choice examinations you have taken before. The difference is, this examination is taken on a desktop computer connected into a testing network, where all the data is stored centrally and securely. Directions for using the testing software are displayed on the screen. A tutorial is provided as well as the assistance of a nearby proctor. On-screen "help" is also available, including information at the bottom of the screen that lets you know how to enter your answer, move forward in the test, mark a question for answering later, or review a previous question. Of course, the software tells you how to enter the answer, not what answer to enter.

Usually each question has one correct response. However, there are some that have multiple correct responses. When there are multiple correct answers, a message at the bottom of the screen prompts you to "choose all that apply." Be sure to read the messages.

After the Examination
As soon as you finish the examination, you receive the final score. You will see the results immediately on the computer screen. In addition, a hard copy of the score report is provided at the testing center. The score report shows whether or not you passed the certification. You can also see how you did on each section of the test and on each technology. Please retain this score report as it contains your unique ID number, which is also your certification number. It can be used to verify your certification until your certificate arrives.

If you pass the examination, a certificate will be mailed to you within a few weeks. Should you not receive your certificate and information packet within 5 weeks of passing your exam, please contact CompTIA at fulfillment@comptia.org or 630-268-1818 and ask for the fulfillment department.


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