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CompTIA School Registration


Join the partnership - get your institution's membership number

Vouchers purchased through schools that are registered sub-members of CompTIA are far less expensive than the standard rate. Students can save a great deal of money, and registering requires NO ADDITIONAL COST for the educational institution.

The State Board for Career and Technical Education provides a statewide "umbrella" membership in CompTIA's "E2C" program. Through this partnership, all public North Dakota secondary and postsecondary institutions are eligible to become sub-members at no additional cost to the institution, and to receive benefits such as vouchers for discounts on CompTIA's highly regarded certification tests.

This state membership is designed to streamline and facilitate more students earning certifications in the “Plus” family of certifications, by enabling students at North Dakota public high schools, adult education programs, community colleges, and four-year colleges and universities to acquire vouchers to take these exams at a significantly reduced rate. “Plus” certificates are well-known industry-wide; helping employers to identify qualified employees and facilitating the placement of IT students in North Dakota.

How to Participate
In order to receive voucher discounts and other benefits of the North Dakota-CompTIA Partnership, your institution must be registered as a submember of the North Dakota program. Your institution will receive a unique member ID code that you will use to order vouchers, and communicate with CompTIA directly. THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOUR INSTITUTION! Your membership fees are included in the statewide umbrella membership. Registration is for identification, communication and voucher orders only.

Membership ID numbers are provided upon enrollment in the program. To register your school, a faculty representative or administrator must download and complete this form (37kb Word document), and follow the return instructions on the form.

You may already be a member! If your institution already has registered as a submember, or if you believe your membership may have carried over from a previous year, or if your institution's ID number has been misplaced, please contact Alice Piech at CompTIA by e-mail at apiech@comptia.org or by phone at 630-678-8323 for assistance.

In addition to providing students with discounts on "Plus" certifications, a sub-membership under the North Dakota-CompTIA Partnership provides even more benefits for teachers and schools:

CompTIA will provide a "welcome aboard" kit to each new member with information about the certification testing process and how to order test vouchers.

For questions about CompTIA's E2C program information contact:
Alan Rowland

All North Dakota public secondary and postsecondary institutions are eligible to join the partnership. Members can include public high schools, adult workforce centers, community colleges and four-year colleges and universities. Each institution must register (see above) to access member benefits of the North Dakota-CompTIA Partnership, but THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL COST to the institution.

Free Instructor Examination Vouchers
Each instructor involved in teaching a course that covers CompTIA certification standards and objectives may obtain voucher(s) for one CompTIA E2C certification for him/herself in each year. Instructors request vouchers by completing the form downloaded here (63kb PDF document). Follow the return instructions on the form.


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