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MYLIFE is a web-based life planning program for young people, designed to demonstrate how lifestyle choices can affect career choice. Through this program, students will develop a simulation of their fantasy future by selecting a home to purchase or an apartment to rent. Next, they will calculate all their monthly bills including rent or house payments, car payments, car maintenance, gasoline, insurance, utilities, groceries, clothes, and finally entertainment. After all the monthly bills are totaled, students will determine the wages needed to support their choices. Completion of this comprehensive budget activity will motivate students to explore careers and determine which occupations will support their lifestyle.

Lesson 6 is an optional activity reserved for those who love to shop. In lesson 6, participants will shop online to determine how much cash they will need to furnish their apartment or home.

Please Note: it is very helpful if you print the information for your Apartment, Home, or Vehicle as you find it for later reference.

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Begin with Lesson 1 by deciding if you want to rent an apartment or buy a home. After you make your choice, click the appropriate link below. You can type your answers on the screen for each lesson or print the worksheet ahead of time and fill in the spaces provided. Be aware that if you are only half way through a lesson when it is time to stop, you can print what you have on the screen and fill in the spaces later. You may also print the individual worksheets in PDF format before you begin or print bundles.

Lessons Worksheets
Lesson 1 - Renting an Apartment
Lesson 1 - Buying a home
Lesson 2 - Transportation
Lesson 3 - Monthly Bills
Lesson 4 - Living Independently
Lesson 5 - Career Exploration
Lesson 6 - Shop 'til You Drop

Worksheet Bundles in PDF Format:
Click here to print lessons 1-5: Renting an Apartment
Click here to print lessons 1-5: Buying a Home

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