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Parent Brochures

A series of brochures (available online only) for parents to use with their children, focusing on success in school and career planning.

Parent Involvement = Student Success
How to help your child be successful in school and in life.

Helping Your Child Succeed in School
A parent's guide to elementary school success.

Career Awareness in Elementary School
Help your child discover the world of work from an early age.

Is Your Child Ready for Elementary School?
A parent's guide for preparing their child for educational success.

Discovering Your Child's Preferred Learning Style
A parent's guide to understanding learning styles.

Homework Tips and Study Skills
A resource guide for parents.

Helping Your Child Identify Interests
How parents can help their children find satisfactory careers.

Why Should My Child Explore Careers?
A parent's guide to career exploration.

Help Your Child Make Career Decisions
A parent's guide to career decision making for middle school and high school aged students.

What Should My Child Do After High School?
Planning for your middle or high school child's future.

Finding the Right College
A resource guide for families.

Financial Aid Resources for Post-High School Education
How parents can help their child locate financial aid for education training and college after high school.

Is Your Child Ready for Middle School?
Help your child rise to the challenges and opportunities of middle school.

Is Your Child Ready for High School?
With some advance planning, you can make sure your child is full prepared for high school.

What Classes Should My Child Take in Middle and High School?
Your child's class schedule in middle and high school can greatly influence his or her success in college and the workplace.

Work Experience Options for High School Students
Find out how students can explore work and career through hands-on work experiences while still in high school.


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