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RUReadyND.com Frequently Asked Questions


RUReadyND.com moved forward in the fall of 2013 with a new platform makes the site more useful and intuitive.  The new generation platform has a different look and feel while providing you with all of the same content you are used to – but more!  Instead of choosing a product as in the past (Choices Explorer/Choices Planner), the user chooses a role (Middle School/High School/College/Adult/Parent) so the information will be integrated throughout the program.

A new assessment, Career Key, was added to help students get started with their Career Planning and there are Milestones that help a student and teacher/counselor keep track of their progress.

Be sure to sign up for workshops where you’ll be able to learn how to navigate this new system.


How do I get started?

These Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) will help:

Creating and Accessing Accounts:

Plans of Study



What do we do when students forget their passwords or account names?

Students can reset their own passwords or retrieve their account names by following the "Forgot your account name or password?" link on the sign in screen at RUReadyND.com and providing their name, account name and/or e-mail address as indicated. Students can also request that their password be reset by clicking on the "Request your password be reset by your counselor or advisor" link. If you have multiple professional/administrator accounts at your school, students will be able to select from a drop down list whom they send the request to.

“I have a student whose name (or date of birth) is wrong in their RUReadyND.com account name.  Why and what do I do?”

Student accounts at PUBLIC schools are created through the autoload process based on data that DPI receives for your school through PowerSchool and STARS.   If there is an error in the name or birthdate associated with the RUReadyND.com account name, it most-likely originates at the school level.

Step 1:  Check what the name and/or birthdate are in both PowerSchool and STARS and make corrections if necessary.  Please note that STARS must be updated manually (the person responsible for maintaining this data at your school should know what that means.)

Step 2:  If a change is made to the name or date of birth in PowerSchool and/or STARS, please contact Laura Glasser, CRN Administrative Assistant, at 328-9733 or leglasser@nd.gov as soon as possible.   If the student has not used the account with the incorrect information, the change is quite simple and their account with the correct information should be available for them to use within a day or two.

If the student’s name and birthdate are both already correct in PowerSchool and STARS, it is possible that it was recently changed and the change has not made its way through all systems; however, that process should not take more than business day or two.   If there has been no recent change, please contact our office and we will assist in researching the source of the error.

What are the guidelines for passwords?

Passwords must be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 12 letters/numbers or a combination of both. No spaces are allowed.

Are there any new terms and acronyms I should be familiar with?

Yes, there may be some terms and acronyms that you've not seen before. We've created this Glossary to help.

Is student information in RUReadyND.com confidential?

Yes, please review the information in the Confidentiality and RUReadyND.com document for more information.

I'm using Safari and I can't get to the student side/shadow account from the Professional Center. What do I need to do?

The first thing to do is check if you are blocking pop-ups. The student side "shadow" account opens in a new pop-up window. Instructions for unblocking pop-ups in Safari.

I heard the student accounts are going to be autoloaded to the new site.  Is this true and what does that mean?

There is an account for every public school student in North Dakota.  See the Quick Reference Guides above for instructions on accessing these accounts.

Portfolios from the old site were merged with the new site and we are finding that most of them merged quite well between the old and the new.  Those that weren't merged probably have the wrong birthday or graduation year or something similar missing.  If you or a student can’t find their portfolio, give XAP a call at 1-800-281-1168.  Accounts that did not match were left on the old site and can still be accessed and merged to the new account by students, professionals or XAP’s Customer Service people.

It is important to note that testGEAR will have a separate account from the new site. See the Quick Reference Guides above for instructions on creating and accessing these accounts.

Why does my school not appear in the dropdown menu when students are creating a new account?

Public schools do not appear in the dropdown menu because students at public schools do not need to create a new account, the accounts have already been created for them through the autoload process. Students just need to access their account using the instructions in the Quick Reference Guide How to Get Started with RUReadyND.com - Public School Students. If students have trouble signing in to their account, one of the first things to check is that they are carefully keying in the password as specified in the QRG. Also, students need to use their name as it appears in PowerSchool, e.g., "Johnathon" maybe attempting to sign in using "John" as a first name and if the PowerSchool file has "Johnathon", they will not be able to sign in. If students have trouble accessing their autloaded RUReadyND.com account, please contact XAP at 1-800-281-1168 or the Career Resource Network at 701-328-9733.

Private schools, tribal/BIA schools, and state institutions are not included in the autoload process, and these schools will appear in the dropdown menu.

How can I adjust the age of a student from the professional center?

It isn’t possible for the professional to change birthdates from the professional site but you can work with the student to change their birthdate if it was entered incorrectly.  Just have the student log in, go to Your Portfolio, click on The Basics and then click Edit in the upper right hand corner.  That will take you to the page that allows you to make changes.  Be sure you have them Save before they leave the page.

What else will be NEW with RUReadyND.com for the 2013-14 school year?

I really liked using the "Math in Real Life" activities. Are they on the new site?

Yes, they are! They are attached to every profile that has the activities (the O*NET only careers do not have the activities…only the careers that have come from Choices Explorer).  Click on the Career Planning tab, then Explore Careers, the Cluster and then the Occupation…if it had an activity before, you will see it here. So essentially, if a career has the activities the tab will appear, if they don’t then there will be far fewer tabs.

What will happen with the Student Course Plans/Plans of Study that were in Choices?

If you need to access the course plans your students created with the Course Plan Builder in Choices (in the "old" RUReadyND.com), follow the directions in the How to Access, View and Print Archived Student Plans of Study Quick Reference Guide.

Will we need to transfer student accounts?

As public school students move from place to place within the state, their accounts will move with them with the new system,  just as they do with Powerschool. That includes transfers or those who are going from middle to high school or even those who are released because they graduated.

What will happen to the Career Finder that is in Choices Explorer?

There will no longer be the Career Finder (the one in Choices Explorer that is a Career Quiz). The results of that inventory will not move with the transition. If you do need those results, please do what you have always been told is not necessary – print them, scan them, and save them to the portfolio OR do a screen shot and upload that to the portfolio.  I know time is short this year but I would recommend having the students do that if you do have time.  My guess is that these results will be quickly replaced with the results of a better assessment so you may not find it helpful at all.  Your choice, of course!


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