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Office of the State Auditor

Staff Directory

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To contact our office, you may call (701)328-2241 or e-mail .

State Auditor
Robert R. Peterson, Bismarck

Edwin J. Nagel, Jr., CPA, Bismarck

Division of State Audit

Technical Specialist
Ronald I. Tolstad, Jr., CPA, M. Acc., Bismarck

Office Manager
Kathy Jochim, Bismarck

Administrative Assistant
Brenda Kruckenberg, Bismarck

Stacey Wahl, Bismarck

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State Agency Audit Section

Audit Managers
Cindi Pedersen, CPA, CM, Bismarck

Paul Welk, CPA, Bismarck

Senior Auditor
Dan Cox, CPA, Bismarck

Allison Bader, MBA, M. Mgmt., Bismarck

Dina Cashman, CPA, Bismarck

Alec Grande, CPA, MAcc, Bismarck

Delan Hellman, Bismarck

Krista Lambrecht, CPA, MAcc, Bismarck

Kristi Morlock, MBA, Bismarck

Megan Reis, Bismarck

Jacqueline Ressler, Bismarck

Lindsey Ressler, Bismarck

Holly Robak, Bismarck

Liz Rogers, Bismarck

Kevin Scherbenske, CPA, Bismarck

Michael Schmitcke, CPA, Bismarck

David Senti, Bismarck

Andrea Wike, Bismarck

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College and University Audit Section

Audit Manager
Robyn Hoffmann, CPA, Fargo

Senior Auditor
Mary Feltman, CPA, Fargo

Robyn Brenden, Fargo

Travis Klinkhammer, CPA, Fargo

Alex Mehring, CPA, Fargo

Cory Wigdahl, CFE, Fargo

Mikka Wold, M. Acc., Fargo

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Performance Audit Section

Audit Manager
Jason Wahl, CPA, Bismarck

Richard Fuher, CPA, MBA, Bismarck

Jennifer Kurtz, Bismarck

Amanda Pierce, Bismarck

Jordan Schatz, Bismarck

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Information Systems Audit Section

Audit Manager
Don LaFleur, CPA, CISA, Bismarck

Senior Auditor
Rob Sipes, CPA, CISA, Bismarck

Ryan Bear, CISA, Bismarck

Heidi Morman, Bismarck

Dustin Walcker, Bismarck

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Division of Local Government Audit

Audit Manager
Dave Mix, CPA, Fargo

Alex Bakken, M. Acc., Fargo

Heath Erickson, CPA, Fargo

Rick Kremer, Fargo

Sarah Manecke, Fargo

Jonathan Worrall, CPA, Fargo

Review Specialist
Augie Ternes, LPA, Bismarck

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Division of Royalty Audit

Audit Manager
Dennis Roller, CPA, Bismarck

Renee Brown, Bismarck

Leigh Jacobs, Bismarck

Sheri Sorby, Bismarck

Shaun Werle, CPA, Bismarck

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