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ARTS Trunks Credits

Consultants for the Games and Storytelling Trunk:

Four consultants were invited to write about the theme of games and storytelling from their own perspective. These consultants were: 

  • Dr. Timothy Kloberdanz, a professor of anthropology at North Dakota State University
  • Jacqueline Left Hand Bull, a scholar and freelance writer of Sioux descent
  • Mekinok, a traditional Chippewa educator and storyteller
  • Judith Simundson, a storyteller of Norwegian tales

Consultants for the Cultural Encounters Trunk:

Two consultants were invited to write about the theme of Cultural Encounters with Lewis and Clark from their own perspective. These consultants were: 

  • Calvin Grinnell, historian and traditionalist with the Mandan, Hidtasa and Arikara Indian peoples
  • Marilyn Hudson, director of the Three Tribes Museum in New Town, North Dakota

Activity Writers:

The writers who developed the activities were:

  • Sue Anderson, professor of dance, Jamestown College
  • Linda Bruning, North Dakota Council on the Arts rostered artist (theatre)
  • Peggy Hanson, elementary school educator, Mandan Schools
  • Todd Hanson, former elementary school educator, Bismarck Public Schools
  • Maureen Kelly Jonason, professor Minnesota State University Moorhead
  • Mekinok, Chippewa educator and storyteller
  • Denese Odegaard, music educator, Fargo Public Schools
  • Lori Riehl, middle school art and drama educator, Bismarck Public Schools
  • Barbara Schultz, artist-in-residence, Fargo Public Schools
  • Melissa Stanley, special education educator, Minot Public Schools
  • Emilie Stordalen, retired music educator, Enderlin
  • Karen Syvertson, middle school educator, Bismarck Public Schools

These writers were asked to create activities that would incorporate the newly adopted Fine Arts Standards within the state. Throughout the writing process they were guided by the following criteria:

  • To provide authentic experiences that shift a student from the role of passive receiver of knowledge to active constructor of meaning.
  • To use guided inquiry techniques to make abstract ideas and concepts accessible, connected, meaningful, and useful to the learner.
  • To ask questions that probe, pose dilemmas, and provoke thinking.
  • To design open-ended activities that require students to think critically and creatively.

Project Coordinators:

  • Gretchen Bederman, logo design
  • Linda Ehreth, project manager
  • Troyd Geist, folk artist selection
  • Jane Gudmundson, curriculum development
  • Ben Nemenoff, art design/layout and website design
  • Linda Olson, tour coordinator
  • Claudia M. Pratt, handbook organization
  • Greg Vettel, trunk fabrication

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