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Name: Monte Selby
Grade Level Preference:  preK-12
Geographic Availability: Anywhere in ND
Fee per-day: Negotiable
Email: monte@monteselby.com
Phone Number: (620) 340-7944
Website: www.monteselby.com

Short Bio:
Monte Selby is a nationally recognized songwriter and acclaimed performing artist with over 100 published songs. His songs are heard on network television, radio, videos, and included on the 2012 Grammy Award winning Best Children's Album.  Music Row magazine describes his songs as “a delightful variety” -   "funky" -  “astonishing” - “Wow”! He has written music with numerous #1 hit songwriters, plus nearly 35,000 k-12 grade students.  Selby's performances include hundreds of venues across North America, Europe and Asia - from classrooms and small private concerts to public events with audiences of over 10,000. When he's not performing, he speaks internationally as a motivational speaker and teacher trainer. Monte Selby has a Doctorate Degree in Education, and uses his teaching experiences to write books for students, parents, and teachers.

Teaching Philosophy:
Einstein once said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live   its whole life believing it is stupid.” Some students don’t think of themselves as writers or musicians or performers. My goal has always been to use songwriting to help kids find their “genius”.  The experience has to be fun, engaging, welcoming and challenging.  It’s a great day when students report that they loved becoming a songwriter, discovering how to use words and music to make their ideas “unforgettable!

Residency Title: Unforgettable: The Power of Songwriting
Grade Level: 3-12
Number of Sessions: Varies with grade level.

Pre-planning with teachers helps determine if the topic of songwriting will connect with school themes of character, science, social studies or friendship, etc.  All students will be involved in an authentic songwriting experience that involves brainstorming lyrics, creating the music to support the lyrics, editing the song, recording the song, and sharing the song in both live performance and digital formats. Students learn about creativity, collaboration, communication, music, writing strategies, and music industry realities (such as royalties or production) - appropriate to their age level. All students will have unlimited access to a professional recording of their song.

Short Lesson Plan:
Students play a high speed game of name-that-tune to discover techniques used by hit songwriters to make songs unforgettable.  Then, every student is involved in brainstorming to create a word wall of ideas.  A main idea is uncovered. More brainstorming generates words and ideas to express that main idea in the form of a chorus.  Students determine a type of music that expresses the main idea, determining major or minor, tempo, word rhythm, etc. More work helps clarify ideas for a first and second verse and a bridge. Writing strategies are exposed as students work to make their song more powerful and unforgettable. Word choice, metaphors, transitions, rhyme or simile might become relevant. They experience the power (and joy?) of editing! Then, they present their song at the "world premiere" performance. Finally, the song is recorded and shared with the world.

Video from residency in Hettinger, ND:  "TOMORROW'S HISTORY (Just Another Day)" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1AloW3PiT0


Name:  Kevin Locke
Grade Level Preference: 5TH grade and higher
Geographic Availability: Statewide
Fee per-day: Negotiable
Email: eddie@kevinlocke.com (booking agent Eddie Santos)
Phone Number: 605.646.3993
Web site: http://kevinlocke.com, ixtlanartists.com


Kevin Locke (Tokeya Inajin is his Lakota name, meaning “The First to Arise”) is known throughout the world as a visionary Hoop Dancer, the preeminent player of the indigenous Northern Plains flute, a traditional storyteller, cultural ambassador, recording artist and educator.


Kevin is Lakota (Hunkpapa Band of Lakota Sioux) and Anishinabe.  It was from his mother; Patricia Locke, his uncle Abraham End-of-Horn, mentor Joe Rock Boy, and many other elders and relatives that Kevin received training in the values, traditions and language of his native culture for which he works tirelessly.  Kevin believes that by drawing upon, embracing, and celebrating our individual heritage we create a path to a vibrant global civilization.


Residency Title:  Indigenous N.American flute making / playing

Grade Level: 5th grade and higher


Workshop sessions can include up to 30 - 40 students.

Each participant will make their own flute and learn to play basic songs.  Allow 2 - 21/2 hours for completion of each session.

These flutes are in the traditional tuning system and are also capable of playing ; chromatic, diatonic and two pentatonic scales.   The flutes are very versatile and are adaptable to any modern music curriculum.  A complete pedagogically sequenced curriculum guide is available.


  • Introduction to the Indigenous N. American flute

  • Construction of flutes

  • Pedagogically sequenced instruction of flute playing; learning songs by ear, reading "tab" notation, breathing techniques.

Name: Rob Peske

Grade Level Preference: 6-12

Geographic Availability: ND, MN, MT, SD

Fee per-day: $200 -$240 per day.  (Negotiable)

Email: rob.peske@gmail.com

Phone Number: 701.425.3503


Rob Peske has been performing and teaching Jazz for over 15 years and currently directs the Bismarck State College Jazz and Percussion Ensembles.  He is an active performer, teacher, and clinician.  Rob’s students and ensembles have won awards throughout the region and the country.


Everyone can learn. Music isn’t about having talent and being the best, it is about expressing ideas and feelings through music and sound.  As America’s art form, Jazz Improvisation is one of the most exciting and engaging tools for teaching expression, creativity, and community. Whether you are an experienced musician or a fresh beginner, learning to improvise will expand your creative potential and help you find your inner voice!


Residency Title: Expression Yourself through words and sounds

Grade Level: 9-12

Number of Sessions: 5-8,  50 minute sessions


Public speaking is one of the biggest fears for people and a required instructional area of the new Common Core standards. Improvisation is similar to public speaking and can be used to teach techniques for improving this important skill.   During this residency, students will learn the steps for creating an improvised solo and for arranging a jazz tune, and connect these skills to public speaking through the process of creating and telling their own stories.   Rob Peske, Jazz Musician and Educator, will lead each session by playing music, demonstrating techniques, and providing support and encouragement for students as they master these important skills.


Name: The Copper Street Brass Quintet
Grade Level Preference: Kindergarten through College
Geographic Availability: Statewide
Fee per-day: Negotiable
Email: staff@csbq.org
Phone Number: 612-72-3667
Website: www.csbq.org


The Copper Street Brass Quintet (CSBQ) is the only full-time brass chamber ensemble in Minnesota, and one of only a handful in the country. We have set ourselves apart with a mix of exclusive music created by us, cutting edge program concepts like “That 70’s Show” and “Hands on Brass”  and use of genre-crossing sounds like guitar, synthesizers and drums, all packaged in family-friendly, fun, one-of-a-kind concerts. We have found a demonstrated need and strong enthusiasm for our concert and educational programs across the Upper Midwest. During a typical season The CSBQ performs over 40 concerts for more than 7,000 audience members, and presents around 100 educational classroom lyceums and masterclasses to share our passion for music with students from kindergarten through college.


Our passion is to share our own unique brand of music with young musicians. We demonstrate that music doesn’t stop at what happens in band class or what the tunes are in your choir folder, but as musicians everything that we love to listen to is available for us to sing or play.  We perform exclusively our own repertoire from Mozart to Adele to Daft Punk, inspiring your students with our virtuosic sounds and lively conversation about what we do and why participating in music is so darn awesome!


Residency Title: Community Residency with The Copper Street Brass Quintet

Grade Level: Kindergarten through College

Number of Sessions: 3 - 10 (45-minutes in length)


The Copper Street Brass Quintet, (CSBQ) is the Midwest’s most active performing and teaching ensemble. Based in Minneapolis, the quintet has a reputation for engaging, high quality educational programs and community concerts. A residency with The CSBQ in your community is built from the ground up based on your student’s needs, your available time, and your budget. Educational activities range from elementary lyceums to high school band classroom performances to collegiate entrepreneurship panel discussions. For more information and build your residency, visit our website or contact us at anytime!

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