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STE[A]M Team

To apply for a grant, or for more information, please visit: http://northdakota.cgweb.org.

The STE[A]M Team Grant Program is a means of providing financial assistance, time, professional development, and support to teacher/artist teams committed to teaching the whole student and nurturing both sides of the brain to enhance creativity and 21st Century thinking and learning.

STE[A]M Teams work with NDCA Instructional Coaches over a three year period to:

• Build collaborations between teachers and artists.
• Increase capacity of both teachers and artists for teaching in and through the arts.
• Develop and implement curriculum that is intentional and bridges the concepts of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math,) [A]RT and/or Core Curricula (language arts, history, social studies, geography.)
• Implement reflective teaching practice as a tool for inspiring change, innovation and collaboration.
• Earn up to 3 North Dakota Multi-Campus Graduate Credits per-year.


• First year applications must be submitted by April 1.
- First year teams will be notified of funding status by May 1.
• Second and third year applications must be submitted by June 1.
- Second and third year teams will be notified of funding status by July 1.
Grant period: Grants begin on July 1 and end June 30.
Prior to applying, NDCA highly recommends that schools, teachers, artists, or arts organizations interested in the STE[A]M Team Grant Program contact Rebecca Engelman, Arts in Education Director for detailed information. Please call (701) 328-7593.

Eligible Applicants

• Any certified pre-school through grade 12 teacher employed by a North Dakota State Approved school which is in compliance with the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, independent artist, or 501 (c) 3 nonprofit arts organization that works with students during the regular school day.
• Applicants must have previous experience with NDCA Teacher Incentive and/or Artist in Residency Grants.

Grant Amount

• A STE[A]M Team grant award is $6,000 per year.
• A minimum school match of $1,500 per year is required. This match must underwrite the cost of activities associated with the proposed STE[A]M project.
• The grant can be renewed for up to three years, dependent on legislative funding and submission of a complete and satisfactory final report.
• Schools may receive a maximum of two (2) STE[A]M Team grants per academic year.

Teaching Artist

• Each STE[A]M Team must include at least one Teaching Artist.
• Teaching Artists are often artists or arts organizations who act as full members of the team by collaborating and providing creative expertise and services.
• Preference will be given to teams that include a North Dakota Teaching Artist from the North Dakota Council on the Arts roster.

Instructional Coach

A North Dakota Council on the Arts Instructional Coach is assigned to each STE[A]M Team at the start of the grant period. The Instructional Coach provides support for:

• Intentional curriculum development.
• Project documentation and evaluation.
• Artful Thinking and Artful Teaching strategies.
• Facilitation of reflective protocols.

Anchor Organization

• The Anchor Organization is the recipient of the grant. Most often this is the school, but in some circumstances, another non-profit organization, such as a community arts group, writes the grant and accepts the funds.

Partner Organizations

• Though not a program requirement, applicants are highly encouraged to seek and include collaborative partnerships with community-based arts organizations, educational institutions, and business.
• Partner Organizations may provide:
- Additional funding above and beyond the total combined NDCA grant and school match of $7,500.
- Space for team meetings and workshops.
- Professional consultation and services.
- Technology resources and assistance.
• If the Anchor Organization is not the school but rather a non-profit organization, such as a community arts group, the Anchor Organization may serve two roles, both Anchor and Partner.


• Budgets must be reasonable and relate directly to the proposed project.
• Applications must include the STE[A]M Team Proposed Budget—2013-2014 which can be found and downloaded within the online, Culture Grant, STE[A]M application.

Eligible Activities
What expenditures are appropriate for STE[A]M Team funds?

• Team planning and workshop time — Time for planning, reflection and professional development should be a major portion of the application budget. This includes:
- Substitute teachers (if planning/meeting occurs during the school day.)
- Teacher and Teaching Artist time that extends beyond the school day.
- Artist time devoted to attending planning/meeting sessions.
- Expenses associated with the STE[A]M Team Summer Workshop.
• Artist fees for planning and preparation of art activities.
• Artist fees for direct contact time with students.
• Consultant fees — (Applications must describe how the consultant will support the learning goals of the project.)
• Supplies and support materials that directly relate to the proposed project/activity.
• Field trips and performances that are project related.
• Costs associated with administering and coordinating the STE[A]M Team collaboration when the anchor organization is a nonprofit partner.

Ineligible Activities
What expenditures are not appropriate for STE[A]M Team funds?

• Capital improvement or construction, purchase of capital equipment, purchase of real property or endowments.
• Permanent purchases such as school text books, musical instruments, computers or other equipment.
• Regular teacher or administrative salaries.
• Supplies for everyday classroom instruction including existing arts programs.
• Field trips for visiting performances not directly related to STE[A]M Team projects.
• Costs associated with fundraising events.
• Activities that engage in political lobbying, serve the religious socialization of participants or discriminate against persons or groups.


Schools must be willing to:

• Provide time for team collaboration and reflection.

Applicants must be willing to:

• Work collaboratively over the duration of the grant.
• Participate as a team in four (4) Professional Development workshops/sessions with Instructional Coach.
• Participate as a team in minimum of four (4) independent study/planning sessions.
• Routinely document and communicate their work.
• Communicate effectively and consistently with Instructional Coach and NDCA staff.
• Reflect on final report and evidence gathered at the end of the project and use this information to revise, refine and/or expand the project for years two and three.
• Present the results of their project, including evaluation materials and final report, to stakeholders including; participants, teachers, parents, administrators, school boards, community, local and state funders, and ND Council on the Arts.

STE[A]M Team Schedule Details are available via this link.

Project Evaluation

Evaluation of the project is an integral part of learning and understanding, and an essential element to developing STE[A]M Team projects. Evaluation involves gathering evidence before, during, and after a project and using it to tell the story and make judgments about what happened. Instructional Coaches work together with STE[A]M Teams to identify and include this evidence in the team’s unit plan and final report. Digital files (word doc, pdf, jpg, Ppt. or movies) are all excellent and convenient methods for sharing your evaluation.

Review Criteria

Applications are reviewed by a panel that will make funding recommendation based on the following criteria:

• Availability of funds.
• Commitment to the project.
- Provisions made for reflection and planning time.
- Evidence of support from school administration and community.
• Degree of innovation, creativity, educational value and enrichment of the project.
• Clarity of explanation of proposed understanding(s) and learning activities.
• Projects potential for meeting student need.
• Projects potential for improving student learning.
• Projects potential for building capacity in teachers and artist.
• Realistic budget; appropriateness of dollar amount allocated to provide for arts partner’s services, substitute teachers, planning and collaboration, and supplies and resource materials.

Award Notice

Notification of awards will be made approximately 30 days after the deadline.

Agreements and Credit Line

Grantees must indicate that they accept their award and agree to allow the North Dakota Council on the Arts to publicize and disseminate any information resulting from the funded project within 30 days.

Request for Funds

Teams receiving notice of successful application to the STE[A]M Team Grant Program may request 90% of their total NDCA funds ($5,400) beginning July 1 of the academic year. The remaining amount ($600,) may be requested at the end of the project upon successful completion and submission of a Final Report, Evaluation materials and Request for Funds Form. Payment of all funds will be made on a reimbursement basis to the school after the required information has been received. To request funds, grantees must download and complete the Request for Funds Form.

North Dakota Council on the Arts

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