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Miscellaneous Art Sites and Marketing Links

Advice for Artists. Almost all artists face common hurdles of criticism, creative blocks and lack of resources. The following link provides some resources to help artists succeed in their challenging industry, emerged in cyberspace January 2005 with the vision of bringing the worlds of art and design together. January 2006: Thousands of talented people have taken notice and joined this global community! Their goal for this coming year is to create an interactive visual directory that facilitates energy exchanges around the planet--where the world of art and design is just a click away!  You are invited to be part of our continuously growing site and participate in the journey! Open the door to the world of art and design; visit them, and click on "Join the Directory" to start the brief registration process. There is no fee to be listed. - The not-for-profit site,, is now on line and free for artists to join. It is the goal of the website to expand promotion and the awareness of visual arts to a much broader audience. Visit, there's lots of good information for artists and art buyers/collectors alike – art market, art community news & announcements, artists listings by medium, galleries and art organizations listings, featured artists and call-to-artists, etc.

Art Calendar is the industry’s foremost business magazine for visual artists. Founded in 1986, Art Calendar acts as a beacon to guide artists on their journey toward making a living with their art. Written by knowledgeable industry pros and successful working artists, Art Calendar offers practical business advice on subjects such as art marketing, art law, portfolio development, exhibition presentation, communication skills and sales techniques, as well as advanced technical applications of photography, computer and Web tools. It also offers the most extensive and recent listings of Calls to Artists, including galleries reviewing portfolios, juried competitions, grants, fellowships, festivals, publishing opportunities and residencies. Best described as “The Artist’s Guide to Making It,” Art Calendar is the only subscription-driven, business-oriented magazine published specifically for visual artists. Art Calendar enables professional artists to make a living doing what they love. Offering innovative ideas, along with all of the necessary tools to sell their work and further their careers, Art Calendar has established itself as the ultimate resource for visual artists.;;

The Art Career Project, a national organization looking to educate artists on how to educate themselves in preparation for a career in the arts. - Send your friends straight to your work. Did you know that every art-exchange artist has a direct link to their work? Your bio is also "linkable" Artists- has your work been recognized "officially?" is offering free upgrades on any new listing packages for you. Just send them the details of the award and they'll call you to get all the listing information. Call (800) 647-6336 ext. 100 or email

Art Fairs & Events - National and International, for a list of National and International art fairs and events, please visit:

The Artist’s Magazine celebrates the creative life and the creative act, the artist as well as the art, by showcasing the best work—in all media and in all styles—of the best artists working today. With beautiful color reproductions, engaging interviews, lively discussions of timely issues, practical lessons in craft, and news of exhibitions and events, The Artist’s Magazine inspires, informs, encourages and instructs so that an artist’s creative life will be filled with success as well as pleasure.

Arts Marketing, Press & Resource Lists for Artists and Arts Organizations. Compiled by Caroll Michels, career coach and artist-advocate, and author of "How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist"

Art Network. Teaching Artists the Fine Art of Marketing Art. For details go to:  Most artists think they need a gallery to “make it” these days . . Wrong. Art rep Margaret Danielak in her new book - A Gallery without Walls: Selling Art in Alternative Venues - explains to artists innovative ways to market and sell art without a gallery. A Gallery without Walls guides artists to a greater understanding of how to select and reserve the best space to exhibit their work, with step-by-step instructions on how to produce a low-cost art event. This book gives recommendations on how to evaluate one’s artwork, prepare it for sale, and promote it on a limited budget. Published by ArtNetwork Press. PO Box 1360, Nevada City, CA 95959. 800-383-0677, 530-470-0862. Email: - Free and low cost resources designed to help artists create, manage, and promote their websites on the internet. Includes free gallery templates, free online portfolio creation for low income artists, copyright help and more. Browse art opportunities and calls for artists to exhibit in art shows, exhibitions, arts fairs, festivals, contests, and fine art competitions. showcases visual art by artists who are US residents represented through many disciplines. The Web site serves to connect the artists and their work with private collectors, gallery owners, interior designers, corporate art buyers, public art administrators, and art enthusiasts in general! Their goal is to provide an affordable marketing tool for visual artists and easy-to-use navigation tools for visitors to locate them. offers a place to collect and review artwork, and constantly updated information about events and opportunities happening on local to national levels. You can use to: Find Art, Collect Art In "My Gallery", Learn About Participating States Agencies, Find or post information about upcoming openings and exhibits, Find or Post Special Announcements, Find or Post Artist Opportunities, Link to Other Art Sites, Order Mailing Lists, Subscribe to the Email Newsletter, and Read Professional Development Articles.

Artist Help Network - is a free information service designed to help artists take control of their careers. The network helps artists locate information, resources, guidance, and advice on a comprehensive range of career related topics. The network focuses primarily on subjects of interest to fine artists. People working in the applied arts, arts administration, and arts-related fields will also find this site useful.

CaFÉ TM enables artists to apply online to multiple calls for entry through a central Web site, The online application process also allows artists to directly upload high-resolution digital images of their artwork for jury presentation. All of the uploaded artwork will be password protected in a consistent, quality, digital format. The high-resolution images will be presented to the jury of each call for entry, and slide projectors will be replaced with high-resolution LCD projectors. The LCD projectors will be connected to a specialized digital-media player called a Roku HD1000, which will hold the high-resolution images. The CaFÉ TM system also enables the jury to score online. CaFÉTM provides artists with an easy-to-use system to enter contact information, upload digital images of their artwork, and apply to a number of open calls for entry at one time. There is no cost to register, and you only need to register once.

Earth's Journey, a new on-line art gallery that is dedicated to the Eco-Artist and Crafter. This site just launched on September 1, 2008 and already has a few wonderful artisans that have joined the site. Earth's Journey is all about saving our environment with artistic beauty. Everything you see on this website has been created by talented eco-artists who only use recycled, up-cycled, and/or environmentally friendly materials. This website is not "North Dakata specific" but it is worldwide. Earth's Journey invites you to sit back, relax and be Inspired by Green! For more information, visit:; or contact Tina Santillo at is a FREE interactive website created specifically for the fine art industry. The site is designed to bring together artists, art galleries, and fine-art collectors from the United States and Canada! For artists and art galleries, provides an unprecedented opportunity for you to promote your artwork, advertise your events, and gain exposure to a national audience of fine-art collectors. As a member of the site, you will gain access to an online control panel which will allow you to: 1) build a comprehensive profile page which includes your logo/headshot and a description of your gallery/biography; 2) upload your artwork, complete with images, titles, keywords, sizes, and prices; 3) advertise your upcoming events; 4) issue online press releases; 5) view questions and quote requests from fine-art collectors throughout the U.S.; 6) post job openings in the fine art industry; 7) participate in our online discussion forum; and much more!

Idealware offers guidance for online donations -  If you are in the market for online credit card software products, Idealware can help you choose wisely. This new site is dedicated to helping nonprofits with technology products and has reviewed 27 lower-priced online software tools for accepting donations from a web site., a web site where artists can showcase their work to companies interested in licensing art for commercial use. There is no charge to: Upload your art images; Search our gallery; or Join our forum and connect with other users. only makes money when you do. Register for free.

Living the Artist's Life. Paul Dorrell's guidebook for artists, Living the Artist's Life, is now in its 2nd printing. Dorrell is a gallery owner and novelist known for his hard-won success  and his compassion toward artists.  His book has been endorsed by the RISD, the Penn Academy of Fine Art, and many other schools.  For more, go to

National Governor's Association Issue Briefs. The series showcases the ways in which the arts help states address their most pressing policy challenges. showcases performers who are US residents. The Web site serves to connect performers with presenters, agents, and individuals. Their goal is to provide an affordable marketing tool for performing artists and their companies with easy-to-use navigation tools for visitors to locate them. offers a place to collect and review performances and has constantly updated information on events and opportunities happening on local to national levels. You can use to: Find Performers, Collect Performance Clips In "My Roster", Learn About Participating States Agencies, Find or post information about Upcoming Openings and Exhibits, Find or Post Special Announcements, Find or Post Opportunities, Link to Other Performance Sites, Order Mailing Lists, and Take Part in Discussion Forums.

Tech Soup. Your nonprofit, charity, or library is working hard to make a positive impact on its community, and technology can help extend your reach. But when most of your funding goes toward accomplishing your mission, there's not always enough left over for your technology needs. That's where we come in. TechSoup is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a clear focus: connecting your nonprofit, charity, or public library with technology products, plus the learning resources you need to make informed decisions about technology and operate at your full potential. To learn more, visit

The Art of the Start - Venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki shares his tips for “starting anything.” This chapter is useful for strategic planning, program development, and assisting grantees. For more information, please visit:

The New York Foundation for the Arts' Online Classifieds Opportunities & Services for Artists, is a free national online sources for artist opportunities and services. These include calls for entry, services such as photography of art work and accounting, space for rent, and many others. New listings are posted daily (designated with an orange "new" icon for one week) and remain on the site until they expire. Organizations posting listings are solely responsible for the content of those listings.

United States Artists (USA) USA is a new organization dedicated to the support of America's finest living artists. Artists now have a home where they may find significant private funding to ignite the creativity that makes this country great. USA was launched in September 2005 with $20 million in seed funding provided by a coalition of leading foundations—Ford, Rockefeller, Prudential, and Rasmuson—in an act of unprecedented private investment in individual artists and the creative potential of America. Their initial investment enables them to pilot the USA Fellows program, awarding unrestricted $50,000 grants to fifty artists each year beginning in 2006. USA's long-term vision is to create an organization dedicated to the unlimited promise of our finest artists. Their horizon line is not three, five, or 25 years, but rather 100 years and beyond. Building on their base of private funding, their aspiration is to be permanently endowed.

Wallace Foundation. Searching for ways to expand participation in the arts? Visit The Wallace Foundation's online Knowledge Center, where you will find a wealth of ideas for effective ways to increase audiences for the arts.

Why is it Important to Have a Website?
The World Wide Web is the fastest growing source for information. According to a 2007 report by Netcraft, an Internet research company, there are 108,810,358 distinct websites that make up the World Wide Web. Without a website, your organization risks never being found by your audiences. Here some additional reasons why your organization should have a website: a web presence is a great way to compliment your existing communications; websites can make your organization look and act bigger than it really is; the Web is two-way, interactive and quick communication; websites can also help you educate your audiences; and having a website can provide 24/7 access to your organization. A Website Toolkit (PDF) is now available here to help you learn tips and tricks for creating or updating your website! (Toolkit created by the Kansas Arts Commission and used by permission.)

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