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Whitney, Linda
Discipline: Abstract/Experimental, Drawing/Illustration, Graphics, Painting

As a teacher and lifelong advocate of the arts, Linda Whitney possesses a vast amount of arts experience. A native of Fargo, she holds Bachelor of Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees from the University of North Dakota (UND). She has served as a visiting artist for the Oliver County, Oriska, and Devils Lake school districts and as a docent for the North Dakota Museum of Art. She has been an arts instructor for the Valley City Community School of the Arts, the International Music Camp, and the UND-Lake Region’s Department of Continuing Education. At present, she is employed as an associate professor with the Art Department at Valley City State University, where she also serves as the department chair. She has also sat on the board of directors for several arts organizations including the Bridges Arts Council, and has been active in organizations that promote the arts in schools, such as the Art Endowment Board of the Grand Forks Education Foundation.

As an artist, Whitney employs a bold use of color with elements of other cultures. Her paintings often feature the “shawomen” of her imagination: human figures composed using strong, expressive colors and traces of African, Chinese, Mexican, and other cultures. These monotype prints are created on Plexiglas that has been rubbed down with sandpaper. The image is applied using a special caran d’ache crayon. Printmaking paper is then soaked, placed on top of the Plexiglas drawing, and run through an etching press that resembles a wringer washing machine. She also works with more traditional techniques, such as full-color intaglio (a 19th century printing process involving engraved copper plates) and color mezzotint (prints made with a pitted and textured copper plate).

Whitney’s work has been displayed all over the world, including shows in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana as well as in Canada, Europe, and Japan. In 1999, she received a North Dakota Governor’s Award for the Arts in recognition of her work with children, and as an artist and teacher. She was featured with seven other North Dakota artists in the 2003-2005 North Dakota Blue Book and was the featured artist in the offices of North Dakota Governor John Hoeven and First Lady Mikey Hoeven during the months of April, May, and June 2003. In 2003, she received an Individual Artist Fellowship from the North Dakota Council on the Arts.

- Ben Nemenoff

Contact Linda Whitney:
245 6th Street Southeast
Valley City, ND 58072

Painting of dolls by Linda
Zebra Caller
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