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Trio Apollo (Michelle Kiec, Tonya Mertz, Sara Boyd)
Discipline: Music

Photo of Trio Apollo membersTrio Apollo is a Bismarck-based woodwind trio that specializes in bringing the arts into communities. Comprised of three music educators, Trio Apollo has experience working with students of all ages. Their typical residency targets students from an existing instrumental music curriculum. Through the exploration of chamber music, the students learn numerous facets; verbal and visual communication skills; teamwork and compromise. Each of these skills can be incorporated into both the music program and other curricular subjects. The residency culminates in a public performance for friends, family, and the community by Trio Apollo and the student ensembles.             

In 2004, Trio Apollo joined the Artists-in-Residency program. Their program, will be funded, in part, by the North Dakota Council on the Arts.

- Bryan Turnbow

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