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Tressler, Bonnie
Discipline: Folk/Traditional

Artist Bonnie Tressler has always been interested in art and as a child was fascinated with weaving all sorts of things - grass, clover, twigs - into primitive mats and baskets. She has studied textiles and clothing (including weaving and basket-making classes) at the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, Minnesota as well as traditional lace-making in Brugge, Belgium. In 2000, Bonnie served as an apprentice to master basketmaker LeRoy Graber (of Freeman, South Dakota) through the North Dakota Council on the Arts’ Traditional Arts Apprenticeship program.

During the months of April, May, June 2002, she was one of the featured artists in the offices of North Dakota Governor John Hoeven and First Lady Mikey Hoeven.

Historical significance is one reason Bonnie is drawn to baskets and basket-making. Baskets long used by her German ancestors on their farms are part of her childhood memories and are always in the back of her mind. It is her strong desire that the art of basket-making not be lost to the generations, so she shares her art with her family.

Currently, Bonnie works with the Fine Arts Center in Jamestown, where, among many other duties, she schedules (and sometimes teaches) art classes for children and adults.

- Ben Nemenoff

Basket by Bonnie

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