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Snavely, Sarah Regan
Discipline: Clay, Graphics, Sculpture

All her life, she has loved building objects--creating. From her childhood, she was encouraged by very supportive parents and friends. In grade school the clay and printmaking projects were her favorites, and she still has her first clay project - a hand-built dog - which sits in her studio to this day.

Her "formal" introduction to the intaglio process of printmaking was during an intro class while at Minnesota State University - Moorhead. Friends encouraged her to take the class, even though she had already completed her class requirements, they insisted she would love printmaking, and they were correct. 

Sarah is inspired by many things, among them, her four retired racing Greyhounds. Living among them and observing their vivid, unspoken language, their "personality" strengths and faults, and the shapes that make up their body type are the things that interest and inspire her most. Dogs to her, are the best vehicle to convey her ideas that make up the content and purpose of her work.

Sarah was born and educated in Bowman, North Dakota and moved to Minnesota in 1993 to attend MSU-M, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Visual Arts (emphasis printmaking). She returned to southwestern ND in late 2003 with the idea that she would never stay here. But she feels that the light is fantastic and the skies are amazing here. She is pleasantly surprised at how these wonderful qualities she's found in this area are creeping into her work. At her studio she works on both etching and with clay - she finds satisfaction with both mediums and tries to work at something everyday.

Artist Statement:

I revel in the animal nature of dogs. Their vivid wordless language, diversity of size and shape, and ability to experience every moment of their lives captures my imagination. Living among my own pack of four dogs feeds my inspiration. Watching and learning from their ways, I try to capture their behavior, beauty and experience in my work. Some of my collectors feel they recognize human characteristics, but I do not choose to glorify dogs as surrogate people experiencing human feelings. They are magnificent in their own right. I am constantly fascinated and challenged by watching them and attempting to capture those moments.

Contact Information:
Sarah Regan Snavely
Bowman, ND
(701) 523-3105

Photo of Sarah sculpting
Photo of sculpture of dog and rabbit
Photo of dog sculpture
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