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Reynolds, William
Discipline: Drawing/Illustration, Graphics, Literature, Painting

Helena, Montana-born; William "Bill" Reynolds obtained a Bachelor of Arts from Carleton College, Northfield MN in 1942, followed by service during WWII as a Marine fighter pilot.  He then spent two years studying at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. He lived in Minot with wife Meredith and family from 1953-1975 working for Bacon signs as plant superintendent and designer. He operated his own design firm in Bismarck, ND from 1976-1991 and has continued as designer/illustrator ever since, specializing in graphic, architectural and environmental design. He paints pictorials mainly in gouache and transparent watercolors and continues to accept commissions while enjoying retirement years in Washburn ND. He is always inspired by the natural beauty of the North Dakota landscape.

As a painter, he is inspired by observing the nature around him and studying magazine pictorials. He employs standard techniques, trying the objectively recreate objects, scenes, and events as they actually occurred. With a learned sense of composition, colors, and balance, Reynolds tries to convey “time of day” through use of light, light sources, and shadow.

He lives in Washburn, where he runs his own studio called William Reynolds Depiction and Design.

"Diary of a Lucky Leatherneck Throttle Jock" (His most recent work.) is about notable experiences and encounters which William Reynolds recorded from the time he was inducted as a naval aviator until he was ordered aboard  the carrier "Essex" as a marine fighter pilot.  The book is currently available through Barnes and Noble and or signed copies directly from Bill.  

- Bryan Turnbow

Contact William E. Reynolds:
P.O. Box 1131
Washburn, ND 58577

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