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Miller, Gary P.
b. 1935; d. 2003
Discipline: Painting

Gary P. Miller was born an artist. He had the heart of a pioneer and the vision of an explorer. His hands were unique. They were strong as those of a blacksmith yet produced the most delicate artistic detail.

He began exhibiting his work in 1960. The exceptional quality of his work was immediately apparent and he earned numerous “People’s Choice” awards. He went on to exhibit his art across the U.S. and quickly he became nationally renowned. He was recognized for the authenticity of his work. His paintings and illustrations of rural life, depicting the past and present, have appeared in magazines, calendars, private collections and galleries throughout the nation.

He touched the memories of America in his paintings; whether of Arizona landscapes, rural North Dakota scenes, dramatic churches, weather worn homesteads, mountain men, prairie wildlife or seascapes. Recently Gary completed a series of three paintings for the Lewis and Clark bicentennial, and a final painting in his famous series of churches.

Gary’s art earned wide exposure in the art world. He has been featured in Southwest Art, U.S. Art, and American Artists of Renown as well as many other publications. He was a charter member of the Steam Artists of America in Sedona, Arizona. Gary was commissioned to paint Lawrence Welk and his homestead. He was also commissioned to paint a scene of the Northern Border pipe line. He presented a print of the painting to then Vice President George H. W. Bush during his dedication of the completed pipeline.

As Gary gained national prominence in the field of art the value of his paintings rose dramatically. Gary wanted his art to be available to all so he and his wife Darla published limited edition prints of many of his paintings. A series of china plates that reproduced some of his best-known originals have been well received among collectors. In the secondary market the prints and plates have increased greatly in value. He also published a poster series of rural scenes for the North Dakota Centennial in 1989. They are still very popular among collectors.

He has received numerous honors and awards. Among these, in 1982 the Old West Trail Foundation presented Gary with the “William F. Cody Award” for portraying rural America in his paintings. In 2003 Gary received the State of North Dakota Certificate of Lifetime Achievement Award from the Governor in recognition of his outstanding contributions in the visual arts. For more information visit,

- Bryan Turnbow


"His Art Lives On." Gary's Gallery. October 8th 2004. Online. Available October 8th 2004.

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