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Lindblom, Michelle
Discipline: Abstract/Experimental, Drawing/Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting

Photo of MichelleMichelle Lindblom’s interest in art began in the fourth grade when, due to an art assignment, she learned that she could draw. Although engaged in art classes during junior high and high school, Lindblom’s development of her talents as a form of self-expression was a slow one, as she found the work to offer a challenging reward.

An original reluctance to pursue painting as a profession changed during her enrollment at the University of New Orleans (Louisiana) where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in visual art. From there, she became responsible for establishing and implementing an art curriculum for St. Francis Xavier school in Wilmette, Illinois and St. Athanasius school in neighboring Evanston. She earned a Master of Science degree in education administration from the University of North Dakota in 1992 and in 2000, she earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from the same institution.

In 1991, after returning to her native Bismarck, Lindblom became a professor in the Visual Art department at Bismarck State College, where she also served as gallery director. As a professional artist, Lindblom runs her MickArt Studio out of her Bismarck home.

Lindblom’s work has appeared in solo exhibitions in North and South Dakota, Indiana, and Arizona as well as in a wide assortment of invitational and juried exhibitions in Norway, England, and throughout the United States. Her work has won awards from national organizations including the Pen and Brush Club in New York City and Long Beach Arts in Long Beach, California. She continues to enter in regional competitions as well, earning, among others, second and third place awards at the Fargo-Moorhead Regional Art Exhibition and several awards from the Bismarck Art and Galleries Association. During the months of January, February, March 2002, she was one of the featured artists in the offices of North Dakota Governor John Hoeven and First Lady Mikey Hoeven.

Of her work, Lindblom says: “My work is a challenging and psychological examination of my internal conflicts, thoughts, and perceptions. These internal dialogues have their basis in the spontaneous reactions and personal relationships I experience daily. For me, this is where my most pure, passionate, and mystifying dialogues exist either in a suppressed state or awaiting resurrection into the physical world. My work has become the visually tangible result of these examinations and ultimate revelations.” Indeed, her work is often abstract and sometimes conflicting, much like emotions themselves. Different viewers will see different things in the same piece of work, some seeing a landscape or a figure while others respond to color, texture and movement before they see an tangible object. As for Lindblom, she prefers the latter.

- Ben Nemenoff

Contact Michelle Lindblom/MickArt Studio:
Bismarck, ND 58503

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