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Kokott, Angie
Discipline: Drawing, Fiber (Quilts), Folk/Traditional, Metal, Paper, Photography, Sculpture, Weaving

Photo of AngieAs the rooster (rooster in English, kokott in Polish) crows, the Dawn Breaker, Angie Kokott awakens your senses and takes you on an adventure thru Wycinaki (Polish Paper-Cutting), art, music, stories, and foods. Join her in sharing her Polish hospitality and the spirit of Polska (Spirit of all that is Poland and Polish). She values her roots and encourages students to explore and discover the excitement of the history inside them, who they are, their culture, their heritage, their ancestry.

Angie is inspired by nature (whose beauty has been given to us as a gift), people of vision (those who strive to create rather than destroy), acts of compassion, and connecting people with their creativeness.

"We need to discover and share the gift or creativity we have been given."

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