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Halvorson, Elmer Halfdon
b. December 10, 1916
Discipline: Drawing/Illustration, Painting

Elmer Halvorson was born and lived most of his life in Wheelock, a small rural community in northwest North Dakota.

He studied art at Minot State Teachers College and at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, where he received his degree. He taught art for a time, but retired from teaching in 1945 to focus on painting watercolors, oils, and pastels in his Wheelock studio.

His work has been shown all over the state including at the Williston Chapter of the American Federation of Art, the Art Department at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, Fargo High School, state teachers colleges in Minot and Valley City, and at the Institute for Regional Studies at North Dakota State University in Fargo.

In 1952, he received the Citation Award, which added his name to the Honor Roll of the American Artists Professional League.

Also in 1952, he was commissioned by the Ford Motor Company to paint two scenes of the story of Hazel Miner. (She was a fifteen year-old girl in Center, North Dakota who used her coat and body to keep her younger brother and sister alive during a 1902 blizzard. Miner froze to death.) The paintings and the Miner story were published in the February 1953 issue of the magazine Ford Times.

- Ben Nemenoff


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