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Grindberg, Wayne
b. 1950
Discipline: Drawing/Illustration, Graphics, Painting

Born in 1950 and raised in Mapleton, North Dakota Wayne Grindberg began his art career in high school completing a 4 ft. by 8 ft. oil painting of a falcon, the school's mascot, for the gymnasium. In his senior year, a color pencil drawing was featured in "Young Artists of North Dakota" brochure. That same year he left for Vietnam, where he worked as an Artist, Draftsman, and a Courier.

After his tour in the army, he worked two years as a graphic artist for an ad agency in Fargo. He then began work as a freelance artist. Receiving commissions from numerous businesses in the Fargo-Moorhead area. His ads and illustrations won over 30 awards both regionally and nationally.

His paintings reflect North Dakota's agricultural past and present, depicting the importance of farmers to our state. He is also a portrait painter, his commission works utilize actual people involved in their work. Each painting is done with a technique of under painting with raw umbra to bring out the full brightness of the oil's colors.

After an auto accident in 1997, he was left handicapped with a crushed foot and a shattered hand. He continued his artwork on the computer, doing 3D models as therapy for his hand. Which have been sold worldwide for use in 3D games and videos. Examples of his work can be viewed at:

Beginning in 2005, he returned to do commissioned oils and other artwork in his home in Fargo, where he recently completed 6 portraits of the Ambassadors for the 319 air refueling wing commander Grand Forks Airbase.

Wayne Grindberg
Fargo, ND

Grindberg images
Deer in clearing painting
Auction painting
"Deer in Clearing"
Tractor painting
2006 Oil Painting 24x36


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