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Ellsbury, George H.
Discipline: Drawing/Illustration, Painting

George H. Ellsbury was a sketch artist with Harpers Magazine and did a number of etchings when he was with Sibley in 1893 that were published. He at the time was a resident of St. Charles, MN.  After the Civil war he moved to Winona, MN, where he became the Register of Deeds. In 1879 he came to Dakota Territory and founded the town of Tower City, and was the real estate agent for Charlesmagne Tower of Philadelphia, PA.  While he was in Tower City he did a number of published drawings of Tower City as well as painting of “Custers Last Fight.”  This painting was done after visiting with Curley the Indian Scout.  While it was displayed at the Anon Carter Museum of Western Art the painting was copied and reproduced in the book “Custers Last” by Don Russell. The family held this painting until the 1960's when they sold it through Shorey Bookstore in Seattle. At last contact with the family they still have one painting titled “The Oregon Trail.”

~ Allen J. Petersen
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