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Barker, Gary
Discipline: Photography, Film

Artist Statement: My interest in the visual arts began about 20 years ago when I became inspired by seeing images of National Geographic photographers. One particular photographer was Jim Brandenburg.

I have begun the switch to digital photography though I still use 35MM film. My techniques when using film is knowing exposure times, aperture settings and what the end result will be. That comes from years of experience. Unlike digital that shows you the image immediately. With film you’re not going to find out until the film is developed.

I feel I have an extra sense when it comes to noticing the natural world and I try to show that in my images and try to make the viewer feel as though they were there with me when I exposed the picture.

My interest in movie making began as a child watching Walt Disney movies, and as I matured, Marty Stouffer’s Wild America and PBS’s Nature. I’m self-taught in video making. That’s a more recent artistic endeavor. I have had some success by wining Honorable Mention at a film festival in Missoula, MT for my film “North Country Wildlife”. I’ve noticed that children love my movies and that’s inspiring.

~ Gary Barker

Gary Barker
Northernwild Studio
Dodge, ND 58625
(701) 202-8052

Photo of Aurora Borealis by Gary Barker

Photo by Gary Barker

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis

Photo of an owl by Gary Barker
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