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Bakke, Karen
Discipline: Painting, Frescos, Murals

Photo of KarenKaren is a wife and mother of 3 grown children. She earned a degree in graphic design, and worked full time in advertising from 1978-1984 as an artist and designer. Since 1994, she has focused strictly on fine art with a concentration in murals both commercial and residential. Subject, style, technique and painting mediums mirror her personality; fresh, adaptive and inspirational, always seeking something new and allowing flexibility in the creative process.

Karen's first experience with art was when she was 13 years old. She took art as a "slough" class. Her teacher Sr. Gertrude was an old German nun who insisted she come back the next year - and you did what Sr. Gertrude said. Sr. Gertrude saw something no one else or Karen had discovered at that point. She was a huge influence on Karen's interest and education - she was hooked! Karen only had the pleasure of working with her for 2 years and one summer before she died. Karen felt very close to her and still does to this day. She has had a photo of her by her work station for 37 years.

Karen loves life and wants to experience everything she can, she is a "taster." She loves the adventure of getting out of her control zone and expanding her knowledge and appreciation through the experience. She has been inspired and has worked with several prominent artists. She tries to learn their techniques and methods and then adapts those experiences into her own style. Everyone has something different to offer.

Her niche is wall murals and most recently she has acquired a passion for bueno fresco, the ancient art of painting on wet plaster. Her methods and processes are the same as those used by Michelangelo when he did the Sistine Chapel. She mixes her own plaster, grinds the pigments into paint, charcoal pounces her guides onto the plaster and begins the many layers of very thin pigment which creates a lasting piece of art. The chemical process will continue for about 200 years, all the while the pigments become more intense.

Karen wants people to enjoy what they see, and she wants to create pieces that will keep them looking. To rebirth the bueno fresco medium is both exciting and educational for both the artist and the viewer.

Karen Bakke
Bakke Art & Design
1119 37 Ave S
Fargo, ND 58104

Picture of rotunda ceiling

Artwork titled Alexandria

Rotunda Ceiling, 18'x24'

"Alexandria" 20"x24" oil on canvas

Mural of Carl Ben
Carl Ben Eielson School, 6'x18' wall mural
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