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Bachmeier, Brad
Discipline: Ceramics/Pottery

Brad Bachmeier and his wife Susan are originally from the small town of Anamoose in central North Dakota. They both received their college degrees from Moorhead State University before embarking on teaching careers. Brad is currently employed as the art department chairperson at Fargo North High School. Bachmeier Pottery and Sculpture has been in existence for ten years. In this time, Brad has been recognized with numerous show awards and art grants on state, regional and national levels.

Brad's work can be found in private and public collections in over 40 states including the North Dakota Governor's mansion. His "Smoke and Fire" exhibit at the Rourke Gallery in Moorhead, MN, was covered in the December 2001 Minnesota Monthly Magazine Design Directions feature story of four major Midwestern potters which also included Warren Mackenzie, Richard Bresnahan and Chris Holmquist.

"As a vehicle of my work, I have primarily chosen to use the raku firing technique, because to me it is the most exciting and challenging ceramic process. It requires patience, dedication and above all intuition. I find it important for my craft to be true to the material, the history of the technique and my personal background. Through my study of raku firing and eastern pottery, I have developed a sincere appreciation for the principles of Zen aesthetic. It is some of these principles: asymmetry, naturalness, a sense of age, subtle depth and simplicity, that also create for me a connection with the rural prairie in North Dakota.

Through study and travel, I have also been affected by the ceramic work and markings made in and by many cultures, especially those created in Africa, Greece, the Orient and Egypt. These influences have created the opportunity for giving a further sense of age, respect and history to my work.

It is the appreciation of ceramic antiquity, a respect for the beginnings of the raku technique and my personal connection to the North Dakota landscape and rural way of life that created the forms, colors and textures evident in much of my work today."

~ Brad Bachmeier

Brad Bachmeier
Bachmeier Pottery & Sculpture
7201 Chrisan Blvd.
Fargo, ND 58104
(701) 271-0616
Web site:

Vase by Brad B
Pottery by Brad


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