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Anderson, Nathan
Discipline: Film/Screenwriter, Writer, Filmmaker

Photo of Nathan Anderson and his children NoDak Films, where great Films live

NoDak Films represents the next surge in filmmaking, creating a hybrid between the new business ideas of the film industry, digital technology, and the integration of North Dakota individuals, businesses, towns, musicians, artists, actors, technicians, and land into the country’s first “sustainable” filmmaking company:

  • Customized films with the ability to diversify through different film genres.
  • Films that market the state of North Dakota as a destination, have a positive impact on out-migration, and establish positive external and internal imagery.
  • Feature length digital films that appeal to any movie going audience.
  • Inclusion of North Dakotan’s on a community level throughout North Dakota.
  • The option to self-distribute upon completion of a film.

NoDak Films asks a groundbreaking question: Do you want to represent North Dakota in a feature-length film? Representing North Dakota starts with the hidden, beautiful and intangible essence of a state that can be the setting and story for well-made meaningful movies.

For an individual, representation means a keepsake that will last a lifetime. For a business, representation is a lifetime of visible advertising. For a town it means pride and tourism. For North Dakota musicians, actors, artists, technicians and related workers it is living their craft. Diversification of films and state pride drive NoDak Films.

It’s one thing to buy a movie ticket and it’s a completely other thing to buy your way into a movie. Nobody, but NoDak Films:

  • Takes a cooperative style approach to the film making process
  • Diversifies film genre set in and inspired by a state – our state being North Dakota.
  • Raises a film budget using our unique fundraising model
  • Positions the consumer and the merchandiser in the product by way of our background actors/actresses and our product placement.
  • Uses local musicians, art, towns, technicians, land, resources, and actors along with individuals and businesses creating a comprehensive North Dakota advertisement under the guise of a great film.

Nathan Anderson created NoDak Films to convey the richness and integrity of the North Dakota experience through film. NoDak Films will never make a film that casts North Dakota or the people of North Dakota in an unfavorable or negative light and we are going to make great films with purpose while doing that.

Artist Statement:
I grew up in Plaza, a small farming town 50 miles SW of Minot, and then moved to Minot my freshman year graduating from Minot High in 1997. I lived in Fargo for four years and graduated from Minnesota State University - Moorhead in 2002 with a BA in English (emphasis Creative Writing). My mom is a lay minister in and around the Minot area. My dad is a pastor in Ray. My brother-in-law is a farmer in Plaza and my sister works in Parshall. I have two older brothers who live in Minnesota and Pennsylvania. I spent my entire professional career in education from High School English Teacher in Central California to After School Teacher in the Bronx, New York. I have 3 wonderful kids and my wife attends graduate school. I have lived and worked in North Dakota, Minnesota and both Coasts, but my true passion is writing and creating great dramatic films set-in and inspired by North Dakota.

For more information, it’s all on the website:


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