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Online Creative Art Projects

During this time of social distancing, NDCA would like to share with you some creative online art projects/activities from North Dakota artists and arts organizations. We are all in this together! We hope you enjoy these online videos. 

Creative Break!

Take a few minutes to explore your creativity, always a stress reliever, and easy to do on your own or share with the family.
Make something – anything. You have all kinds of supplies that can be utilized
With artist Nicole Gagner: Folding a Paper Sketchbook (below)
Put on tune and dance with abandon
Sing a favorite song, one that gives you hope and strength
Share your favorite film with another; have a good laugh or cry

All arts activities help to develop a growth mindset!

A few creative links to help get you started!

North Dakota Council on the Arts Teaching Artists Reaching Out Through On-line Art Lessons:

Nicole Gagner – Folding Paper Sketchbook

Image of Nicole Gagner in her YouTube tutorial

Teaching Artist Nicole Gagner demonstrates how to make your own sketch book using a single sheet of paper. These  little books are great to take with you on a  nature walk, or even just to see what you are inspired to draw around your house! There is so much inspiration everywhere, and now you can create as many sketchbooks as needed to capture that inspiration.

Nicole Gagner - Painting with Unconventional Materials

Paint Natural Pigments

Learn how to paint with natural pigments found around the house or yard. We'll explore how to experiment and get creative with unconventional materials for watercolor painting.

Nicole Gagner – Abstract Collage From Home

Nicole Gagner - Abstract Collage

In this video Painter Nicole will show you how to create an abstract collage using mixed media and a variety of techniques. Anyone can make a masterpiece with this fun approach.  

Nicole Gagner – Night Sky Watercolor

Nicole Gagner Art Video

Another wonderful "stay at home", virtual art lesson from North Dakota Council on the Arts, teaching artist Nicole Gagner. Get creative at home and create a starry night sky watercolor scene. All you need is some watercolor, brushes, and a few other household supplies! Suggested but not required: sharpies, white crayons, salt. Pan watercolors or tube watercolors work equally well- you could even get watercolor pencils in on the fun!

Linda Roesch – Pablo Picasso Cubist Portraits

Image of Linda Roesch in her YouTube tutorial

In this lesson, Teaching Artist Linda Roesch teaches students how to use Blind Contour Line Drawing as a tool for making 'Cubist' portraits in the style of Pablo Picasso! Grab a mirror or a friend, learn about a famous artist and enjoy this fun and easy approach to drawing! 

Linda Roesch – Hand "Notan" using Complimentary Colors 

Linda Roesch "notan" shape

Teaching Artist Linda Roesch provides a simple introduction to complementary colors by creating a Japanese, “notan” shape.  ​

Linda Roesch – Notan: Reflecting Shapes and Creating Balance

Notan is a Japanese word meaning "light and dark harmony." Notans are created by cutting shapes from paper, then 'reflecting' the shapes and gluing them down. In this lesson we will talk about how Notans are created and give tips for making your first few Notans more successful.

Kathrine Hardy – Comparing Ballet and Modern Dance

Kathrine Hardy Dance

North Dakota Council on the Arts, Teaching Artist Katherine Hardy presents Compare and Contrast - During this two-part lesson, students learn basic steps in Ballet and Modern Dance, watch a performance in each style and explore how Ballet and Modern are different and similar art forms.

Katherine Hardy – Math Dance and Tap

Enjoy a lesson by Northern Plains Dance instructor and NDCA Teaching Artist Katherine Hardy leads where students learn basic steps and sounds in Tap Dance while focusing on counting and fractions.

Ali LaRock – What Do You Do With A Worry?

North Dakota Council on the Arts, Teaching Artist Ali LaRock explores fun and lighthearted ways to use visual art to work with  worries or uncomfortable feelings. Geared for elementary but relevant for all ages. This lesson provides an opportunity for expression and self-reflection. The book Ruby Finds a Worry by Tom Percival is shared during this lesson and used as inspiration. 

Shalini Agarwal – Warli Art

Warli Art

Join North Dakota Council on the Arts, Teaching Artist Shalini Agarwal in this delightful series of lessons featuring Warli Art!

In this 5 part series, Shalini demonstrates the process of creating Warli art, one of the oldest forms of Indian folk art. Warli has its origins in the Warli region of Maharashtra. This form of tribal art mainly makes use of geometric shapes such as circles, triangles and squares to form numerous shapes depicting life and beliefs of the Warli tribe.

Nicole Gagner – Sketching From Life - Outside!

 North Dakota Council on the Arts Teaching Artist, Nicole Gagner takes you outside for a wonderful lesson on drawing from nature and life. Enjoy! Share!

Ali LaRock - What Can You Create With A Shape?  

Ali LaRock Shapes

This tutorial explores fun ways to create with organic and geometric shapes. Teaching artist Ali LaRock begins with a warm up that includes finding shapes around the house and in nature.  Next,  she demonstrates how to play with and combine shapes together to build an image.

Ali LaRock- What Can You Do With A Rhyme?

Ali LaRock Rhyme

In this tutorial teaching artist Ali LaRock explores how to use simple rhymes to create fun and silly illustrations. Using the song "Down by the Bay" for inspiration, this tutorial gives ideas on drawing rhyming pairs and expressions to go along with rhymes.

Ali LaRock - What Can You Do With A Crayon?

Ali LaRock Crayon

  • Part 1
    • In this tutorial teaching artist Ali LaRock shares a variety of approaches and techniques to working with crayon. A fun lesson for anyone who enjoys this simple but versatile medium!
  • Part 2 
    • In this tutorial teaching artist Ali LaRock shares additional approaches to work with crayon. This includes ways to use the techniques from Part 1 in a larger image and how to combine watercolor and marker to crayon drawings as well.
  • Supplemental Handout 

Katherine Hardy – Rhyming with Dance

K. Hardy Dance Lesson

Dancing Rhymes - Northern Plains Dance instructor and North Dakota Council on the Arts teaching artist Katherine Hardy teaches students how to create a “dancing rhyme” through the integration of great literature and simple dance movements. The book “Giraffes Can’t Dance” by Giles Andreae provides inspiration for this delightful lesson. Share and enjoy!

Katherine Hardy – Symmetry and Motion

K Hardy Dance

Symmetry and Movement - Explore symmetry through dance and movement with Northern Plains Dance instructor and North Dakota Council on the Arts teaching artist Katherine Hardy 

Linda Roesch – Let's Make Henri Matisse Paper Cut Out Collages

Linda Roesch

Join North Dakota Council on the Arts Teaching Artist Linda Roesch for this lesson on Matisse inspired paper cutouts!

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