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Folk and Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Grant Program Application and Other Necessary Paperwork

Download Adobe Acrobat via this linkApplication forms are available in the Adobe PDF format. They can be downloaded, viewed, filled out, and printed through Adobe's free Acrobat Reader.

Application Instructions

  1. Before applying, the master artist and the apprentice must discuss the apprenticeship goals, schedule (work plan), supplies, and budget. It is strongly recommended that the master and the apprentice discuss the proposal with the NDCA folklorist before completing the application.
  2. Complete, sign, date, and submit one copy of the NDCA Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Application Form (see number 6 below) with original signatures. The master and apprentice both must sign and date the same application form.
  3. The master artist completes Part A of the application form and the apprentice completes Part B. Both complete Part C. (Also provide a list of estimated expenses and materials for Part C. In Part C of the application form, indicate who should receive the funds, if awarded, for the “travel” line and for the “supplies and materials” line.) Also in Part C, you must indicate the date when your specific project begins and when it will end. Keep in mind no projects can begin officially before July 1, 2015 and all projects must be done by April 30, 2016.
  4. On the back of the application form there are a series of narrative questions, it is very important to answer all narrative questions from Part A and Part B thoroughly and completely on separate sheets of paper and clearly indicate the appropriate heading and question. These grants are limited and competitive. An application's overall quality can reflect the dedication of the master and apprentice. The more complete the information and response to questions, the better the grant panelists will be able to review the application and make grant award recommendations.
  5. Master artists who have not previously participated in this program and all apprentices must submit support materials. Master artists who have participated previously and are applying to teach the same tradition do not have to submit support materials. See the NDCA Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Application Form for complete details.
  6. All components of the application should be sent to the NDCA as one complete package. Do not send various parts of the application under separate mailings.
  7. Application Checklist:
  • Completed, signed, and dated NDCA Folk and Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Application Form.
  • Complete and thorough responses to all the narrative questions asked in Part A and Part B, listed on the back of the application form, using up to four pages, single-sided sheets of paper.
  • Estimated itemized list of expenses for supplies and materials.
  • Support material.

For more information, contact Troyd Geist at (701) 328-7590 or

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