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Featured Artist Works Displayed in the Offices of the Governor

October, November, December 2010 - Vida Klocke (Underwood)

Photo of Vida KlockeAfter receiving a degree in commercial art in 1976 and graphic sign design in 1977, Vida Klocke began working in the graphic art departments for newspapers in North Dakota and Minnesota. She continued commercial artwork on a free lance basis after moving back to ND and porcelain painting began as a hobby in 1981 and as a business, Vida’s Collectibles, in 1990. Working from a home based studio, she currently markets her pieces throughout stores and art shows around the state and on her website, The most popular pieces are designs with the North Dakota winter scenes and the prairie wild rose, along with tame rose, lilac, pansy, sunflower and iris designs. In 2005, Vida begin teaching porcelain painting classes locally and currently travels and teaches seminars in many states using techniques and studies that she has created to assist the students in mastering their skills.

The art of china painting was developed over 2000 years ago. Each of her pieces is free hand sketched and painted with ground mineral colors then fired several times at between 1300 and 1400 degrees to acquire its permanent surface in the glaze. Because the porcelain absorbs only a small amount of paint at each firing, more color must be added and fired several times to bring out the design which gives the piece a translucent effect. Each piece is an original painting.

Vida is a member of the Mid States Porcelain Art Guild which is a porcelain organization made up of members from western North Dakota, the South Dakota World Organization of Porcelain Painters, a member of the International Porcelain Art Teachers, a board member of the World Organization of China Painters and recently a member of the Bismarck Art and Gallery Association.

Klocke’s pieces are in collections across the United States and many foreign countries and have been featured in several international porcelain painting magazines such as “The China Decorator,” “The Porcelain Artist” and “The China Painter”. Vida currently resides in Underwood with her husband, Jerome. To learn more contact Vida at 706 Grant Place, Underwood, ND 58576; (701) 442-3478; or

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Blue Jays
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