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Featured Artist Works Displayed in the Offices of the Governor

October, November, December 2006 - Scott Archer (Fargo)

Photo of Scott ArcherScott has always enjoyed photography, but really didn't explore using his artistic background and the possibility of being creative with the camera until just recently. At over 50 years old, he has been teased with the artistic juices that once were so strong, so many years ago as an Art student at the University of North Dakota and Valley City State University. He was raised and spent most of his life in North Dakota until employment took him away to various parts of the country for more than 10 years. Upon returning, he gained a new appreciation and eye for the unnoticed and hidden beauty of North Dakota. It may have taken unknown hours on the expressways of New Jersey and Chicago to fully appreciate the joy of returning to North Dakota. After a long absence, he was grateful he could see the beauty in all that he had missed before.

It seemed every town, every road, had the potential for a great photograph that he simply took for granted before. He hopes you will see this appreciation and enthusiasm in his work.

"I like to think of my photography as Found Artistry. I frame and compose my shots of everyday objects and their surroundings, which by themselves seem blended and without significance. In using my eye for patterns, contrast and texture, I strive to turn these objects into a great photograph.

I enjoy the mystery of the abandoned homesteads. In refusing to say goodbyes, they stubbornly stand still. When I walk these hallowed grounds, I am reminded of the families that played and toiled these same grounds. I hope my photos bring some respect and life back into this ban on dreams. In North Dakota, I find the best photo opportunities in a faded industry combined with the richness of the North Dakota landscape. I try to combine these two elements to bring an interesting element to my photos." ~ Scott Archer

For more information, contact Scott via email at; or visit his web site at

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"Bismarck Pump"
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