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Featured Artist Works Displayed in the Offices of the Governor

July, August, September 2013 - Sam Coleman (Mandan)

Sam ColemanArtist Statement by Sam Coleman: My life has been amazing as I have seen the Lord direct my path into one of purpose and fulfillment! One of my first memories was going to the top of a hill and gazing at the sunset with my father and little sister. I also spent a lot of time wandering the prairie, hunting with family, riding horses in the badlands, and having many pets and animals on our hobby farm. From these experiences and many others I came to love beauty, animals, and the grandeur of the created world was pressed into my heart. Both my mother and grandmother loved painting and I picked up painting like a duck to water! My first painting was a watercolor of some dinosaurs at the age of seven and one of my mentors was a great art teacher by the name Marianne Crary! She made art so much fun and it became an integral part of my life as I began competing in 4-H, local art shows, and more.

During high school and the two years of college at Bismarck State College, I often wondered what direction my life would have and somehow knew that art and ministry were both passions that I had. But it was through my parent’s encouragement and also God opening the doors that I began training in classical realism at The Atelier in Minneapolis, MN. Through this art school, dedicated to the study of nature and developing skills in drawing, painting, composition, and color theory, my horizons were expanded from painting animals into portraiture, landscapes, and still life. While attending The Atelier, I also went through seminary at Magdalen College and received my ordination as a licensed minister. This led me back to Bismarck where I pursued an art career full time but still felt like something was missing in my life. I started working with the Charity Lutheran Youth and when a position opened up for youth minister, I applied and received the position nine years ago. Since then I have married the love of my life Sarah, and also have a wonderful little boy named Gabriel and a sweet little girl named Cassia! These are the greatest blessings God has given me and as I continue to work as both a youth minister and an artist, I continually see God’s hand throughout my life in every area! Truly God’s ways are the best ways and I have been given so many blessings for which I am thankful!

To learn more visit; call (701) 226-0404 or e-mail Sam at


Sam Coleman images
Painting of strawberries by Sam Coleman
Fleeting Shadows by Sam Coleman

"Fleeting Shadows "

Country Reflections by Sam Coleman
The Heirloom Garden by Sam Coleman
"Country Reflections "
"The Heirloom Garden "
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