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Featured Artist Works Displayed in the Offices of the Governor

April, May and June 2010 - Pirjo Berg (Grand Forks)

Photo of Pirjo BergColor, texture, and shape are the core of Pirjo’s current paintings. The lines, repetition, texture, and geometric forms that are found in the familiar textiles at home inspire my paintings. She is interested in space, time, and rhythm. Her paintings reflect the common experiences of a daily life where the basic structure is predictable and repeats itself, however, in its own interesting way each day is different and brings pleasant surprises. Similarly, her paintings follow the same general pattern, yet, they all become unique and surprising.

Being abstract and sensual in nature, her paintings typically raise emotions and feelings originating from the observer. They are tactile and they beckon you to touch them. They take you to another world, the world of paint. These paintings are plain and simple: colors, contrasts, and lines. They are easy to relate to but still they remain mysterious and intriguing. These are the rhythms of the little worlds, your own experiences, and your own spaces.

Pirjo was born in Helsinki, Finland. She received Master’s degree in Regional Planning at the University of Tampere, Finland, before moving to the USA in 1991. In 1996 Pirjo returned to Academia to get her formal education in painting, and moved back to Finland to attend the School of Art and Media in Tampere. There she concentrated in painting but also enjoyed making installations in collaboration with other students. The years at the Art School meant considerable traveling, not only between Tampere and Seattle, but also painting trips to Norway, Estonia, Italy, and Nepal. She moved back to Seattle in 2000 and established her studio in Ballard at BuildingC 2003. In 2005 she graduated from the Artists Trust EDGE-Program. She moved to Grand Forks, North Dakota 2008 and established her studio there.

Pirjo’s career highlights include the six-person exhibition “Paint Local” at the North Dakota Museum of Art (2009); a solo show in Gallery 63Eleven in Seattle, reviewed on NPR’s Washington affiliate by art critic Gary Fagin (2008); and solo show (2003) and three-person exhibit (2007) at Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle; and solo show at Gallery Jangva, Helsinki, Finland (2002). She has been commissioned by the NSSJ (architecture firm) to do paintings for Valley Medical Center in Renton, Washington. She was also commissioned by Max-Hotel, where Seattle artists created works for each guest room and the hallways. She has been invited on curatorial teams for “Nordic Artists Northwest”, Nordic Heritage Museum and “Convergence – Ballard Building C Artists”, UpFront Gallery, Issaquah, Washington. For more information, visit; and/or; call (206) 331-8379; or e-mail


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