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Featured Artist Works Displayed in the Offices of the Governor

July, August and September 2006 - Gretchen Bederman (Mandan)

Photo of GretchenGretchen Bederman weaves together images of the real and the imagined, the interior and the exterior, the narrative and the unspoken landscape. An artist who lived in Mandan, ND, (and currently resides in Glendive, Montana) Gretchen seeks places where the human spirit mixes with nature ' s essence. Women and horses. Water and bowls. Birds and fire. Trees and earth. Wax and paint. Story and soul. These are all part of Gretchen Bederman's artistic life.

With an MFA in painting from UND, Gretchen has served as an artist-in-residence across North Dakota, as well as in Laugalandskkoli, Iceland. Gretchen teaches what she loves - painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, and printmaking. She believes that art-making enriches our lives with a wonderful opportunity for experimentation and self expression, nurturing imagination, intuition, dexterity, self discipline, concentration, and confidence. Gretchen's art can be seen in a variety of venues. In addition, Gretchen's art hangs in guest suite 2 at the Hotel Donaldson of Fargo and at Ten North Main, Minot. Latitude's Galler y of Bismarck also has Gretchen's art on display.

Gretchen has been a part of the North Dakota Museum of Art fall auction since 2002 and the winter auction since 2000. Gretchen's art is in many private collections and in the collections of NDSU, DSU, and UND. Currently Gretchen makes art, teaches art at Dawson Community College and lives in Glendive, Montana.

For more information on Gretchen Bederman's art and background, please visit, or you can contact her via email at

Gretchen Bederman images
Painting titled Brown Horses
Painting titled Amanda
"Brown Horses"
Painting titled Running
Browsing Horse Black Bird painting
"Browsing Horse, Black Bird"
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