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April, May, June 2011 - Deborah Hanson (Grand Forks)

Photo of Deborah HansonAfter growing up in Nebraska, Deborah moved to North Dakota about 25 years ago. Although active with photography during high school, it is only within the last 3 years that she has resumed a serious pursuit of taking photographs. A life-long passion with conservation and nature is what forms the basis of her work. Initially birds were not the main focus of the photographic efforts but North Dakota’s amazing variety has captured her interest and makes each day different. Although the migrations during the spring and summer bring higher numbers of wildlife and birds to the area, the North Dakota winters present challenges that are well worth the effort. Snowy Owls, a migrant to the area, are one of her favorites to photograph.

Deborah doesn’t bait or use audio to create situations for a specific image. She takes her time, enjoys watching the behavior, and cares about not disturbing the birds or wildlife. Opportunities to watch Short-eared Owls and their playful flights, Snowy Owls hunting, Ruby-throated Hummingbirds engaging in fights for territory, or watching as Bald Eagles test their wings and fly for the first time are some of the perks to nature photography.

Since birding is new to her, she has really appreciated the help received from the Grand Forks Birding Group, specifically Dave Lambeth, Tim Driscoll, and Ann Flower, for education and identification of ND birds and access to property.

For more information or to contact Deborah, e-mail; or view her work at

Deborah Hanson images
Photo of Northern Saw Whet Owl
"Northern Saw Whet Owl "

"Short Eared Owl with Prey"

Photo of Ruby Throated Hummingbird
Photo of owl called Snowy Hunting
"Ruby Throated Hummingbird "
"Snowy Hunting"
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