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Featured Artist Works Displayed in the Offices of the Governor

July, August, September 2011 - Clint Saunders and Daron W. Krueger (Valley City)

Clint Saunders photoAs anyone who knows them can tell you, Clint Saunders and Daron Krueger love photography. They like to take pictures, look at pictures, and talk about pictures. They are completely obsessed with photography, and together they form the Obsessed Photographers Group (OPG) in 2006, when Daron Krueger approached Clint Saunders about doing his framing for his studio, and displaying prints in his gallery. OPG is a gallery of fine art photography based in Valley City, ND featuring Clint and Daron’s work. Along with their gallery, they also have a growing exhibition record that - to date -includes galleries, museums, and purchased public art in seven states including North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wyoming, and New York.

Clint Saunders recently earned a Masters in Fine Arts from the Academy of Art University San Francisco. Aside from his passion for creating fine art images in multiple genres, he has also worked as a professional photographer for the past 12 years. His photos have won numerous local, national, and international awards and been published internationally in magazines such as B&W Photo and COLOR Magazine. His work has also appeared in multiple coffee table books, magazines, and area publications.

Daron W. Krueger’s passion is driving country roads searching for abandoned farm yards. He not only excels at photographing remnants of the past but also at capturing beautiful images of landscapes and wildlife. He is also an accomplished framer, and the creative genius behind OPG’s matting and framing. Daron’s work has received many awards and appeared in multiple coffee table photo books, magazines and area publications.

OPG offers fine art photography in several genres sold as limited edition prints and photography books. They specialize in custom set-up of art for business through custom framing and leasing programs. Contact information: Obsessed Photographers Group, Daron Krueger, 460 8th Ave NE, Valley City, ND 58072-3140. Phone: (701) 490-1601; E-mail:; or website:

Daron Krueger photo

Obsessed Photographers Group images
Autumn Tranquility by Daron
Photo of reeds in water by Clint
Autumn Tranquility, by Daron Krueger

Reeds, by Clint Saunders

Photo of Great Horned Owl by Daron
ND Quarter image by Daron and Clint
Great Horned Owl, by Daron Krueger
The North Dakota State Quarter, by
Clint Saunders and Daron Krueger
Electrical Storm photo by Clint
Electrical Storm, by Clint Saunders
Photo of a tree by I-94 by Daron
I-94 Tree 2, by Daron Krueger
Mustang collauge photo by Clint
Mustangs, by Clint Saunders
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