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October, November and December 2007 - Caroline A. Doucette (Rugby)

Photo of Carolyn DoucetteCaroline A. Doucette is a signature member of the New England Watercolor Society and Pennsylvania Watercolor Society.  She has been published in both the Summer 1996 issue and the Spring 2000 issue of the "Watercolor" magazine. Her painting "To Life" appears in the book "Splash 5: The Glory of Color."  Her paintings are in a number of collections including the Taube Museum of Art in Minot, ND, and the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA. Her mother is an artist, as was her grandmother. As play, her mother taught her perspective drawing when she was 4 years old. With her first camera at 11 years old, her father, who had once worked with the photography department in the US Air Force, taught her the fundamentals of composition. In December of 1989, her husband encouraged her to paint full time, suggesting she use watercolors and later to specialize in florals.  Following his intuition and guidance, she began to win awards and recognition. In November 2000, her husband's business relocated moving them from Nashua, New Hampshire to Rugby, North Dakota.

Artist statement: “I really like to paint flowers. They're fun and they can be played with. Originally, I found flowers so simple but than I found I could play with the wonderful colors, and shadows and get right down into them like some magical fairy. I like to use a simple palette of red, blue, yellow, cool, and warm so I can get nice rich, brilliant, vivid, clean colors that will sit on my hot press paper in such a delightful way. I like to make the leaf curl away, and the petal look soft and fuzziness.  It is how the peach has weight and the autumn leaf crunches under foot. The more I painted flowers, and gardened, the more I viewed myself, and flowers, as survivors, with a quiet strength, that's bold and has a beauty despite any flaws. In the flower is the continuous circle of life with the dreams of tomorrow.

My flags aren't really that much different than the flowers. It's a matter of feel.  Feel the fold roll and dip then tuck under. I started painting them long before 9/11. They're a part of my family heritage. My maternal grandfather joined the US Army in WWI for his citizenship, his sons, my uncles, served in WWII. My mother was in the Army, during the Koran War, when she met my father, who was in the Air Force. The Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines each got one of my four brothers. I, myself, served in the Army at the end of Viet Nam Conflict.”

For more information on Caroline A. Doucette, contact Caroline at (701) 776-6194; email:; Mail: Caroline A. Doucette, PO Box 411, Rugby, ND 58368; or visit her web site at:

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