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Calendar of Exhibits - Fargo/Jamestown Region

Phone numbers and web sites are provided when possible. Area code is (701) unless otherwise stated. Please call phone numbers listed for tickets and/or more information on each event and/or exhibit.

For additional events, exhibits, venue and artist information, visit:!
**Entering your event and profile information is a snap. Just click on "Submit" and enter your information. Tutorials are available on the site.

Ellendale Exhibits:

No information currently listed... Visit

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Fargo Exhibits:


Thru May 4 - ecce gallery proudly introduces regionally-recognized artist Dan Jones’ third solo exhibition. The artist’s newest collection further conveys Dan’s masterly-nuanced interpretation and understanding of the region’s farmland, landscapes, and our rich lake and river scenes

May 8-Jun 2 - Jay Pfeifer partakes in the creation of myth: from water to wine, from lead to purest ore – common to the wider range of painters and sculptors. The singular alchemy of a Pfeifer work is how his roughest of scavengings have been so effectively recast as an artifact — as an art — of an idyllic, iconic realm. ecce gallery proudly presents the artist’s fourth solo exhibition. Rec: May 8, 7-9pm

Thru May 11 - Red River Reciprocity: Contemporary Ceramics in Minnesota and North Dakota. Red River Reciprocity showcases a dynamic selection of 76 contemporary ceramics by Minnesota and North Dakota artists. For this groundbreaking exhibition, Plains Art Museum is partnering with Northern Clay Center (NCC) of Minneapolis to present the innovative work of leading ceramists from all over the region who have re-imagined the possibilities of this exceptionally versatile medium. Through this exhibition and our ceramics education facilities in the Robert Kurkowski Ceramics Wing, Plains Art Museum is excited to expand appreciation of this ancient practice as an expressive contemporary art form. In nearly every culture, the creation of ceramic ware has been an integral part of its artistic heritage. Today, artists continue to push boundaries and experiment with shapes, forms, and colors in a contemporary ceramic practice distinctly different from trade approaches of the past, while still retaining a kinship in the shared foundation of clay. Whether functional, sculptural, or socially engaged, the artworks on display exemplify the capability of ceramics to fulfill a wide variety of roles. Viewers will also marvel at the variety of the clay types, the myriad production processes, and the exceptional range of finishes and glazes. Among the featured artists are Brad Bachmeier, Linda Christianson, Guillermo Guardia, Ross Hilgers, Meg Roberts, Michael Strand, David Swenson, Katherine Weikle, and Tetsuya Yamada. Plains Art Museum, Fred J. Donath Memorial Gallery, General Exhibition

Thru May 23 - Sabrina Hornung: Reflections in Silt. Rec: Apr 17, 7-9pm, artist talk 7:30pm. The Spirit Room

Thru May 23 - Kay Ornbergs Exhibit: People and places, a Cuba Experience. Rec: Apr 24, 7-9pm, artist talk 7:30pm. The Spirit Room

Thru May 25 - The One Minute Film Festival 2003-2012. In this era of YouTube, ten-second TV commercials, and social media sharing of six-second Vine clips, fast-paced message formats are pervasive in contemporary culture. We absorb short bits of information faster than ever before. The One Minute Film Festival 2003-2012 offers an opportunity to playfully rethink what short films can be by presenting hundreds of one-minute films created by more than 300 artists from the East Coast and other regions over a ten-year period. Most are not primarily filmmakers but work in a wide array of mediums, from painting and sculpture to architecture and performance art. These films are no ordinary movies. They explore the screen and image as a visual experience. Many of their experiments are funny. Some are poignant or mysterious, surreal, experimental, or Zen-like and meditative. Within that diversity lives a common goal to share personal visions—each artist’s unique and subjective window to the world. The One Minute Film Festival comes to Fargo as a traveling exhibition from the Museum of Contemporary Art-Massachusetts (MASS MoCA). In addition, the exhibition will include artist-designed, full-size movie posters for a selection of the films, many of which are tongue-in-cheek takes on traditional Hollywood movie posters. A second film compilation, Exquisite Corpse 2012, will also appear in the exhibition. Acting as a modern variation on the Surrealist “exquisite corpse” party game, the film was created by 60 artists who each received the last second of a previous film and built a new minute based on that glimpse. William and Anna Jane Schlossman Gallery, General Exhibition, Plains Art Museum

Thru May 26 - Resurrected Treasures: Recently Acquired Artifacts, on display at Bonanzaville, Cass County Historical Society. For more information visit

Thru May 31 - Happy Birthday, James Rosenquist! honors the Pop Art giant and North Dakota native who turned 80 in November. Artists submitted pieces inspired by or made in the style of Rosenquist, whose work and influence spans more than five decades. Featured artists are Rick Abbott, Nathaniel Booth, Kimble Bromley, Kim Fink, Christian Gion, Sabrina Hornung, Kent Kapplinger, Steve Knutson, Chelsea Lee, Jessica Mongeon, Martin Nelson, Mitchell Cory Nelson, and Ellie Nyquist. Landfield Atrium and the Xcel Energy Gallery, Plains Art Museum,

Thru May 31 - 2012 S.P.A.C.E. Sculpture. On May 4, three student artists, under the direction of North Dakota State University professor of art David Swenson, assembled the newest S.P.A.C.E. (Sculpture Pad Art Collaborative Experiment) sculpture to grace our outdoor sculpture pad. Sculpture Pad, S.P.A.C.E. Exhibition,

Ongoing - The Don Larew Collection featured by NDSU Archives. This online exhibition titled Theatre Passion presents some of the 100-plus productions in which Don Larew, professor emeritus of theatre arts, has been involved at NDSU from fall 1969 to February 2001. The exhibition can be seen at The images are taken from The Don Larew Theatrical Productions Scenic and Costume Design Collection, University Archives, North Dakota State University and feature predominantly Little Country Theatre productions

Plains Art Museum Ongoing
The North Dakota Mural. The landscape in North Dakota is the sky—the stars at night, the clouds in the daytime. At night I thought about the stars and light-years and the speed of light and everything that was sort of inexplicable.— James Rosenquist. Serkland Law Firm Gallery, Landfield Atrium, General Exhibition

Creative Actions: Selections from the Permanent Collection. Plains Art Museum is thrilled to unveil a re-imagined Permanent Collection show, which focuses on and engages with the ideas and creative actions of artists. In this newly curated show, the audience will visually unpack several “acts” that express artists’ processes, intensions, narratives, or functions. Jane L. Stern Gallery, General Exhibition

International Harvester Photographs. The exhibited photographs lead viewers through the progression of the building from its time-worn state when it was acquired in 1994 to its current condition. The exhibit features photographs of the building as the International Harverster warehouse, during renovation, and as Plains Art Museum. The building now combines elements of the original warehouse and a modern museum. Main Floor South Hallway, General Exhibition

Island Park Ramp Installation – MARIA FRIBERG: ATLANTER. Maria Friberg allegorizes the conventions and conditions surrounding masculinity and its multiple relationships to the myth of power. Friberg’s leitmotiv is the male image and the modern business suit. Her art uses video and photography to capture the nuances of masculine performance and to express the often-elusive vagaries of social conditioning. Her method is subtle, her messages poetic. Friberg’s work opens our awareness to the many possibilities of representing masculinity. Island Park Ramp, General Exhibition

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Jamestown Exhibits:

Monthly Exhibits - Unison Bank now offers monthly art exhibits. For more information, call 253-5600

For exhibit information visit The Arts Center's website at

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Moorhead Exhibits:

Thru May 11 - Prairie Horizons: Landscapes in Oil and in Glass, Warren W. Kessler and Jon Offutt. Rourke Art Museum

Thru Jun 1 - The Rourke Art Museum is pleased to host the fifth annual national juried photography exhibition Of Memory, Bone & Myth. The exhibit includes 40 works from 33 artists from around the United States. The works represent a broad spectrum of processes, subject matter and points of view. The title of the exhibit reflects curator Suzanne Gonsalez-Smith’s belief that memory and myth are two opposites that are forever linked together within the media of photography. “Memory implies a sense of nostalgia …the idea of myth opens the door to visual storytelling. Gonsalez-Smith, Assistant Professor of Art and Design at the University of North Dakota, both curated and organized the exhibition. The juror, photographer Maggie Taylor, has exhibited work in solo exhibitions throughout the U.S. and abroad

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Valley City Exhibits:

2014 - A complete list of the Valley City State University Spring 2014 events and exhibits is available via this link

Thru Apr 18 - Adrianna Boychuk: Serenity, a Senior exhibition. McCarthy Hall 356. VCSU Gallery, VCSU

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Wahpeton Exhibits:

Ongoing - Visual art on a monthly rotating schedule at Wahpeton Community Center, 304 South 5th Street

Thru May - Sundogs & Sunflowers exhibit. Rec: May 1, 6-8pm with special guest Troyd Geist, NDCA Folklorist. Red Door Art Gallery,

Ongoing - Red Door Art Gallery,

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