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Calendar of Exhibits - Fargo/Jamestown Region

Phone numbers and web sites are provided when possible. Area code is (701) unless otherwise stated. Please call phone numbers listed for tickets and/or more information on each event and/or exhibit.

For additional events, exhibits, venue and artist information, visit:!
**Entering your event and profile information is a snap. Just click on "Submit" and enter your information. Tutorials are available on the site.

Ellendale Exhibits:


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Fargo Exhibits:

Thru Feb 8 - Erica Frank: New Works. In her first ecce gallery solo debut, South Dakota native Erica Frank presents a series of sculptural objects that merge painting and reclaimed/mixed materials. Rec: Jan 9, 6-8pm. “It is my responsibility as an artist to address social and personal happenings. The objects manifested in my work recognize and parallel the human experience. I am fascinated by the unwanted, the used and discarded as well as the objects we rally against their will. My sculptures and paintings seek to explore the tension present between the transformation we seek and that which we withhold. Using re-purposed industrial components in conjunction with traditional artist materials provides a platform for this tension and duality.” ecce gallery,

Feb 13-Mar 8 - Kelly Thompson. New Paintings. Rec: Feb 13, 6-8pm, ecce gallery

Thru Feb 22 - Tim Ray: Unseen Prints, Drawings & Collage (216 Broadway gallery). In terms of selecting the pieces, each show takes on an individual identity. Taking work from different time periods and movements creates a more recognizable narrative. This collection has a range of work from 1969 to 2008. Its goal is to create parallels between Ray’s drawings and how they relate to the acrylic collages. - Tessa Beck Got to the full article here:, ecce gallery

Thru Feb 22 - Hybrid Vigor, An Installation by Stephen Alexander Wischer. Stephen Alexander Wischer, an associate professor of Architecture at NDSU, energizes the Museum’s Atrium with an intriguing site-specific installation from his ongoing body of work, Hybrid Vigor. Constructed with ordinary yellow-page phonebooks, these displays include thousands of books Wischer transforms through cutting, tearing, burning, and dipping into solutions, which he stacks and anchors to create the illusion of a massive wall. This work contrasts the monumental scale of the combined books with the transitory nature of their contents. The Ruth and Seymour Landfield Atrium, General Exhibition. For more information on the exhibit, visit

Mar 3-Apr 23 - wabi-sabi 2015 Winter Show. Beauty lies in what is flawed. In other words, imperfect beauty. Rec: Mar 7, 6:30-9:30pm. Spirit Room

Thru Apr 5 - VIVID: The Art of Seth Chwast and Dietrich Sieling. VIVID is a two-person show featuring regional artists Seth Chwast from Cleveland, Ohio, and Dietrich Sieling from Minneapolis, Minn. United in their strong emphasis on the formal qualities of line, color, and pattern, these young artists also share a stunning inventiveness in subject matter. In addition, Chwast and Sieling share personal histories; they were both diagnosed with autism as children. Their innate artistic talents help them to lead full, creative lives. Now full-time artists, Chwast and Sieling are highly prolific and exhibit their work regularly in solo and group shows nationally and internationally. VIVID focuses primarily on the artists’ paintings, drawings, and sculpture. Plains Art Museum is organizing the VIVID exhibition in collaboration with Fraser Ltd., North Dakota’s longest-serving nonprofit organization which provides programs, services, and support to children, youth, and adults on their life journeys to independence. Starion Financial Gallery, General Exhibition. For more information on the exhibit, visit

Ongoing - The Don Larew Collection featured by NDSU Archives. This online exhibition titled Theatre Passion presents some of the 100-plus productions in which Don Larew, professor emeritus of theatre arts, has been involved at NDSU from fall 1969 to February 2001. The exhibition can be seen at The images are taken from The Don Larew Theatrical Productions Scenic and Costume Design Collection, University Archives, North Dakota State University and feature predominantly Little Country Theatre productions

Plains Art Museum Ongoing
The North Dakota Mural. The landscape in North Dakota is the sky—the stars at night, the clouds in the daytime. At night I thought about the stars and light-years and the speed of light and everything that was sort of inexplicable.— James Rosenquist. Serkland Law Firm Gallery, Landfield Atrium, General Exhibition

Creative Actions: Selections from the Permanent Collection. Plains Art Museum is thrilled to unveil a re-imagined Permanent Collection show, which focuses on and engages with the ideas and creative actions of artists. In this newly curated show, the audience will visually unpack several “acts” that express artists’ processes, intensions, narratives, or functions. Jane L. Stern Gallery, General Exhibition

International Harvester Photographs. The exhibited photographs lead viewers through the progression of the building from its time-worn state when it was acquired in 1994 to its current condition. The exhibit features photographs of the building as the International Harverster warehouse, during renovation, and as Plains Art Museum. The building now combines elements of the original warehouse and a modern museum. Main Floor South Hallway, General Exhibition

Island Park Ramp Installation – MARIA FRIBERG: ATLANTER. Maria Friberg allegorizes the conventions and conditions surrounding masculinity and its multiple relationships to the myth of power. Friberg’s leitmotiv is the male image and the modern business suit. Her art uses video and photography to capture the nuances of masculine performance and to express the often-elusive vagaries of social conditioning. Her method is subtle, her messages poetic. Friberg’s work opens our awareness to the many possibilities of representing masculinity. Island Park Ramp, General Exhibition

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Jamestown Exhibits:

Monthly Exhibits - Unison Bank now offers monthly art exhibits. For more information, call 253-5600

For exhibit information visit The Arts Center's website at

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Moorhead Exhibits:

Thru Feb - If you missed your chance to see the Bloch, an interactive global art project featuring a large tree trunk, it will be on exhibit at the Hjemkomst Center before it makes it way to the next continent

Ongoing - Art of Sacred Spaces: How Do Objects Denote the Sacred? Rourke Art Museum. For more visit

Ongoing - Crossings: Pre-Columbian Burial Figurines, Rourke Art Museum. For more visit

Ongoing - Transformations: The Art of the Mask, Rourke Art Museum. For more visit

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Valley City Exhibits:

No information currently listed...

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Wahpeton Exhibits:

Ongoing - Visual art on a monthly rotating schedule at Wahpeton Community Center, 304 South 5th Street

Thru Jan 31 - The Red Door Art gallery will host the Holiday Showcase. The display will feature holiday themed art as well as a variety of local artists displaying items for gift giving.  All area artists are invited to bring their art work to the gallery and be a part of this event

Ongoing - Red Door Art Gallery,

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