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Calendar of Exhibits - Fargo/Jamestown Region

Phone numbers and web sites are provided when possible. Area code is (701) unless otherwise stated. Please call phone numbers listed for tickets and/or more information on each event and/or exhibit.

For additional events, exhibits, venue and artist information, visit:!
**Entering your event and profile information is a snap. Just click on "Submit" and enter your information. Tutorials are available on the site.

Ellendale Exhibits:


Sep 7-Oct 7 - Kenneth Anderson, photography, on exhibit at the Historic Elledndale Opera House

Oct 10-28 - Land, Sky, Water. Art exhibit on display at the Historic Elledndale Opera House

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Fargo Exhibits:

Thru Aug 3 - Timothy Ray, ecce gallery, 298-3223,

Thru Aug 4 - Bob Crowe exhibition. ecce gallery, 298-3223,

Thru Aug 15 - The Spirit Room presents artist Debi Feyh’s Gallery II exhibit Näversöm: Needle Artistry of the Swedish Shepherdess this intriguing needlework had a humble beginning in the northern part of Sweden. Over the long winter, the shepherdess would weave her fabric. When spring came, she whip stitched the prepared fabric to a piece of birch bark which becomes her frame. This is how the technique became known as Näversöm, or Birch Bark Stitch (embroidery). Debi Feyh Fargo has been collecting näversöm pieces from Sweden for several years. She has a personal connection to this needle art as her great grandmother; Anna Wiklund was born in Hudiksvall Sweden. Debi's father remembers seeing Anna, doing this type of stitching. Debi is on a mission to teach this technique to embroiderer stitchery in the United States

Thru Aug 15 - The Spirit Room presents artists Denise Lajimodiere in Gallery II and Pat Kruse in Gallery I. Both artists represent the traditional birch bark biting arts that originated within the Anishinabe (Chippewa) heritage. These artists both keep this Native American tradition alive that dated back before the pre-contact era by practicing the custom well into the twenty-first century.  Denise specializes in designing floral, turtle, and dragonfly cutouts used as a pattern for quill and beadwork or designs on dance regalia and clothing. Pat Kruse applies the traditions of birch bark biting into “Birch Bark Paintings” where he constructs works into abstract shapes and composes the imagery into rectangular large scaled canvases. Afterwards, Pat’s son would sew each individual elements together with deer in sew. The birch bark biting technique is a process of stripping the birch bark and biting each piece to create a design where each formation is different from one another, no design is ever the same

Thru Sep 7 - Sabrina Hornung: Trail Dust and Sentiment. In Trail Dust and Sentiment, Fargo-based artist Sabrina Hornung presents two bodies of work: mixed media transparencies and cyanotypes. Hornung specializes in blending traditional and alternative photography processes with drawing, painting, and collage. The artist is a native North Dakotan, and her subjects focus on the people and places of the state’s prairie landscape. Xcel Energy Gallery, ArtView Exhibition, Plains Art Musuem. For more information visit

Thru Sep 14 - 47º North: Daybreaks at Bad Medicine Lake by Wayne Gudmundson. A devoted chronicler of the Great Plains, Wayne Gudmundson presents a new series of digital photographs in color in his solo exhibition 47º North. In this series, Gudmundson documents majestic sunrises as seen from the porch of his cabin at Bad Medicine Lake in northwestern Minnesota, which is located at latitude 47º. Starion Gallery, General Exhibition, Plains Art Museum. For more information visit

Thru Sep 21 - Plains Art Museum presents Heart/Land: Sandra Menefee Taylor’s Vital Matters as the third installment of the Mothers of Invention exhibition series. A self-described “materialist,” Sandra Menefee Taylor is a visual artist with a multimedia sensibility. She engages with materials through sight, touch, and smell to create sculptural installations composed of found and made objects that push the boundaries of the roles of the artist and audience and the act of art-making. William and Anna Jane Schlossman Gallery, General Exhibition, Plains Art Museum. For more information visit

Ongoing - The Don Larew Collection featured by NDSU Archives. This online exhibition titled Theatre Passion presents some of the 100-plus productions in which Don Larew, professor emeritus of theatre arts, has been involved at NDSU from fall 1969 to February 2001. The exhibition can be seen at The images are taken from The Don Larew Theatrical Productions Scenic and Costume Design Collection, University Archives, North Dakota State University and feature predominantly Little Country Theatre productions

Plains Art Museum Ongoing
The North Dakota Mural. The landscape in North Dakota is the sky—the stars at night, the clouds in the daytime. At night I thought about the stars and light-years and the speed of light and everything that was sort of inexplicable.— James Rosenquist. Serkland Law Firm Gallery, Landfield Atrium, General Exhibition

Creative Actions: Selections from the Permanent Collection. Plains Art Museum is thrilled to unveil a re-imagined Permanent Collection show, which focuses on and engages with the ideas and creative actions of artists. In this newly curated show, the audience will visually unpack several “acts” that express artists’ processes, intensions, narratives, or functions. Jane L. Stern Gallery, General Exhibition

International Harvester Photographs. The exhibited photographs lead viewers through the progression of the building from its time-worn state when it was acquired in 1994 to its current condition. The exhibit features photographs of the building as the International Harverster warehouse, during renovation, and as Plains Art Museum. The building now combines elements of the original warehouse and a modern museum. Main Floor South Hallway, General Exhibition

Island Park Ramp Installation – MARIA FRIBERG: ATLANTER. Maria Friberg allegorizes the conventions and conditions surrounding masculinity and its multiple relationships to the myth of power. Friberg’s leitmotiv is the male image and the modern business suit. Her art uses video and photography to capture the nuances of masculine performance and to express the often-elusive vagaries of social conditioning. Her method is subtle, her messages poetic. Friberg’s work opens our awareness to the many possibilities of representing masculinity. Island Park Ramp, General Exhibition

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Jamestown Exhibits:

Monthly Exhibits - Unison Bank now offers monthly art exhibits. For more information, call 253-5600

For exhibit information visit The Arts Center's website at

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Moorhead Exhibits:

Thru Jul 26 - 21st Annual Juried National Watermedia Exhibition 2014, all events take place at the Hjemkomst Center. For more information visit

Aug 9-Oct 20 - Art Educator’s Exhibit, Hjemkomst Center

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Valley City Exhibits:

No information currently listed...

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Wahpeton Exhibits:

Ongoing - Visual art on a monthly rotating schedule at Wahpeton Community Center, 304 South 5th Street

Ongoing - Red Door Art Gallery,

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