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Arts Education Task Force

The North Dakota Council on the Arts has convened a task force comprised of educators, school administrators, policy makers, parents, artists, arts organizations, and community leaders in the state to identify, support, and expand the quality of learning in and through the arts. The task force meets on a quarterly basis to adopt action agendas that will focus the collective efforts of its participating members into the promotion and improvement of arts education, and to meet the following goals:

  • Promote arts education to all North Dakota schools- step by step, school by school.
  • Promote implementation of the dance, drama, music, and visual arts content and performance standards in North Dakota schools.
  • Initiate professional development opportunities that bring together teams of school principals, arts specialists, teachers, youth program providers, and others who work in arts learning with children and communities.

Action Steps: Action Step 1: Resource and Communication Web sites

As part of accomplishing the first goal of the Arts Education Task Force, members identified the following as a first action step: develop a statewide database of e-mail addresses for use as an electronic communication system to support the work of arts organizations, arts educators, artists, and advocates across the state. Web sites for two North Dakota organizations help fulfill this need for educators and arts advocates:

  • Lake Agassiz Arts Council web site contains, among other things, an arts education page, links, and other information useful to those who write and design curriculum and assessment tools. Calendar events and profiles of the LAAC's 42 member organizations can also be found on the site, as can information on area artists. Visit The Lake Agassiz Arts Council is the local arts agency serving the Fargo-Moorhead area. It serves as an umbrella organization for arts organizations, offers grant programs, and maintains informational resources.
  • The Web site for the North Dakota Arts Alliance/Alliance for Arts Education maintains several e-mail listservs. It also houses, among other items, informational resources for arts education and advocacy, a discussion board, and information about NoDAA (such as its services, special initiatives, and membership). Visit The North Dakota Arts Alliance/Alliance for Arts Education is a member of the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network and has partnered with the North Dakota Council on the Arts on a number of programs, including the Prairie Arts newsletter, the Governor's Awards for the Arts, Arts Day at the Capitol, the Summer Arts in Education Teacher/Artist Institute, and the Dakota A+ Schools Network.

Both of these organizations are funded, in part, by the North Dakota Council on the Arts and have made significant contributions to the Arts Education Task Force.

Arts Education Ad Campaign

The North Dakota Council on the Arts (NDCA) is sponsoring an Arts Education Awareness Campaign stressing the benefits and importance of an arts education for North Dakota’s youth. more information on this campaign...

Minutes from the quarterly meetings:

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