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Arts in Education

Artist in Residence Artists Roster: Theatre

Seth Eberle

Steve EberleSeth Eberle is a puppet artist based in Minneapolis, MN. Since puppetry is at the crossroads of the visual and performing arts worlds, a residency with Seth will explore various modes of self-expression by creating a puppet show. Inexpensive means of puppet fabrication, including paper mache construction, cardboard construction, and fabric construction will be used to fabricate performing objects, including hand puppets, rod puppets, toy theatres, and mouth puppets. These puppets will then be used in performance to explore traditional subject areas within the curriculum. For example, a puppet show exploring topics of science may use puppets of the sun, moon, and planets. Regardless of subject area explored a residency with Seth will include lots of learning, fun, movement, and puppet construction.

Professional Development: Completed 40 hours of observation and hands on experience in sculpting, painting and paper mache techniques under the direction of Bart Buch, puppet master and professional teaching artist. Explored various techniques for working with students and for facilitating effective rehearsals for mask and puppet performance.  Lester Prairie Mask and Puppetry Residency at St. Anthony Park, Puppetry Residency – June, 2013. 

Seth Eberle
Puppets 'n' People

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Charlene Hudgins

Charlene Hudgins Charlene Shakespeare, William Shakespeare’s great, great, great, etc. niece, brings the work of her great uncle to life for kids and adults of all ages.  She has special performances and programs for elementary school children that culminate in a student-centered performance at the end of the residency week for friends and family.  She also has a performance/residency for older kids in middle and high school that brings a new understanding and appreciation for the bard, while removing the anxiety of reading and understanding the most famous writer who ever lived.  Standards based lesson plans are used in residencies for elementary and high school students.  Charlene will make Shakespeare come alive in new ways, and she will also provide lessons in theatre, art, music, and language arts.

Charlene Hudgins
Fargo, ND
(701) 306-1342

Professional Development: Defining Arts Integration, Reading Portraits as Biographies, Reading Art Across the Curriculum: Observe-Infer-Inquire, Documenting the Power of Learning Through the Arts - Presented by Melanie Layne, course leader and program consultant for the Kennedy Center’s Changing Education Through the Arts (CETA) program, Washington, DC.  July, 2013.

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Missoula Children's Theatre

Photo of a Missoula Children's Theatre playThis week-long residency will star 50-60 local students in a professionally produced and directed musical. Two actor/directors will arrive with everything to produce the play. They audition, cast, and rehearse the show; and the week culminates in 2 public performances to use for fund-raising. Our mission is the development of life skills - creativity, social skills, goal achievement, communication, self-esteem - through performing arts.

Missoula Children's Theatre
Jonna Michelson, Tour Marketing Director
Missoula, Montana
(406) 728-1911, ext. 240
Email Missoula Children's Theatre

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Northern Prairie Performing Arts

Images of actors from Northern Prairie Performing Arts performancesNorthern Prairie Performing Arts is a fully professional theatre company based in Fargo, ND. Their purpose is to "Bring Arts Education into Your School." Each year the company of 5-6 actors performs 2-3 plays that are curriculum appropriate and/or deal with relevant issues of the day. In addition to the performances, NPPA offers one-hour workshops and residencies to enhance and continue the artistic and life lessons from the plays. The current cast of actors include: Beau Brandner, Andrew Hanback, Aimee Klein, Nate Sutton, and Phaidra Yunker.

Northern Prairie Performing Arts
Fargo, North Dakota
(701) 235-1901

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Markie Scholz

Markie ScholzMarkie Scholz’s Dragons Are Too Seldom Puppet Productions is a professional traveling puppet troupe with over 40 years of experience in education, puppet making, and performance. Markie’s hands-on process provides students and teachers an engaging and highly creative way to explore current social themes such as bullying prevention and the development of positive self-image. Participants receive instruction in puppet making, performance, and script writing through workshops, after-school programs, and teacher in-service training.

Phone: (888) 642-4805

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Fran Sillau

Fran SillauTeaching Capacity – Fran has a great ability to take his Theater training to empower students to reach their whole potential. His major concern with every residency is to make sure the students learn as much as possible. Fran has the ability to use theater as a tool to empower students to learn. He uses rubrics, self assessment, Universal Design for Learning, and Universal Backwards Design to ensure student learning. Fran can also work with the classroom teacher so that the residency experience has an impact long after he is gone. Fran can develop a residency especially for you!

Fran Sillaau
Omaha, NE
(402) 660-6892
E-mail Fran Sillau
Web site:

Residency Snapshot:

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Barry Wolcott

Barry WolcottWith over 30 years of theatre instruction experience, Barry Wolcott has worked successfully within a variety of teaching and learning formats. Whether it’s an afterschool program, artist in residency, parent workshops, or teacher in-service, Barry brings his passion and depth of knowledge in all aspects of theatre production to students of all ages.

Contact information:

(701) 223-1934; or (701) 989-0333

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