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Arts in Education

Artist in Residence Artists Roster: Media

Mike Hazard

Media Mike HazardMedia Mike

"I love to help people learn to make video and photographs the way I learned - hands-on, learning by making."

During a video residency with Media Mike,  students create a mosaic of small videos to address a chosen theme. Completed videos incorporate original student writing and works of art. Mike readily adapts his residency to the technology and gear available at each school and provides additional equipment as needed.  In addition to his video residency, Mike offers a photo residency which uses all types of cameras, from cell phones to iPads for exploring ideas.  Mike enjoys working with students of all ages to develop creativity and  Media literacy. Member of the Association for Teaching Artists:

Mike Hazard
Minneapolis, Minnesota
(651) 227-2240
E-mail Mike:

For a story about the artist’s philosophy of art and education, visit:

For a story about one residency with poetry and video, visit:

For an example of a photography and writing residency, visit:

Robert Kramer

Robert KramerRobert Kramer – Makoche Recording Studio

Robert’s residencies provide students and teachers with a comprehensive and real-life introduction to the art of recording production.
Each residency begins with a collaboration between Robert and teachers to determine the subject matter (music, recitation, etc.) that will be used during the recording phase of the project. Next, Robert introduces students to the history and science of recording with an in-class, hands-on presentation. Once the foundation has been laid, students are ready for the exciting process of creating their own recordings! Moving to Makoche Recording Studio in downtown Bismarck, students participate in a two-day recording session.  After a tour of the studio, students record their selections, experiment with the digital recording process, and collaborate on making production decisions.  At the end of the residency, each student receives a CD of their recording to take home and share with family and friends. Robert’s residency utilizes STE[A]M to deepen students’ understanding of this essential part of the modern music industry.

Contact Information:
Robert Kramer
(701) 425-7659

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