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Arts in Education

Artist in Residence Artists Roster: Dance

Patrick Kasper

Photo of Patrick KasperPositive Motion - Dance/Theater workshop
In the Positive Motion Dance/Theater workshop Patrick shares his energetic personality to motivate and educate his students by combining elements of Jazz, Tap, Ballet, and Hip Hop dance, Percussive Rhythms, Movement for Theater, and Classic Theatrical Choreography. Patrick fuses them together to create a unique experience in order for the participants to attain a new appreciation for dance, theater, and life. Patrick has done hundreds of Positive Motion in-school residences and workshops throughout the world helping teens put fun into fitness and giving them a whole new perspective on what exercise can do for their lives. The classes are always fun, physical, and inspiring for all involved. Students, teachers, and school administrators have praised Positive Motion.

Contact Patrick:
Fargo, ND
(701) 212-5143

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Northern Plains Dance

Northern Plains Dance staffNorthern Plains Dance provides quality outreach programs that integrate dance with current education curriculum to provide opportunities for students to think and solve problems creatively, solidify academic concepts, increase spatial understanding and basic movement coordination, provide performance opportunities, and instill an interest in dance.  Northern Plains Dance will tailor and provide dance instruction for groups of students from one day to two weeks.  With guided activities and basic dance concepts, students experience the joy of learning through imagination, creativity, and movement.

Video example of NPD's residency:

1125 E. Main Ave.
Bismarck, ND 58501

Phone: (701) 530-0986

Professional Development: Defining Arts Integration, Reading Portraits as Biographies, Reading Art Across the Curriculum: Observe-Infer-Inquire, Documenting the Power of Learning Through the Arts - Presented by Melanie Layne, course leader and program consultant for the Kennedy Center’s Changing Education Through the Arts (CETA) program, Washington, DC.  July, 2013.

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