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Arts in Education

Artist in Residence Artists Roster

Artists represented on the Artist-in-Residence Roster have successfully undergone a peer panel review process that evaluates their artistic and instructional abilities as they relate to artists working in a school residency program.  The roster is a resource guide for communities searching for qualified professionals to conduct residencies in schools and other educational settings. The information contained on the roster is provided by the artist and provides basic information about the residency they offer. The artists on the North Dakota Council on the Arts roster represent the following disciplines:  dance, folk, literature, media, music, theatre and visual arts.  Artists provide students the environment to develop critical thinking skills, help build confidence, share their ideas with others, and be involved in the creative process.

Click a discipline below to view registered artists in that discipline:

Interested in an artist who is registered in another state, but not listed here?

The North Dakota Council on the Arts will accept registered artists from Arts in Education programs in other states to participate in North Dakota residencies. These artists are exempt from the "New Artist" panel review, but must submit a New Artist application along with the sponsor's application for their first North Dakota residency. 

New Artist Application

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