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Arts in Education

Artist in Residence: New Artist Program Guidelines

The Artist in Residence Program is designed to provide students, teachers, and community members with hands-on experiences and personal interactions with working artists.

Deadline Dates

  • April 1 (submitted electronically by March 31, 11:59pm) (for residencies between July 1 and June 30 of the upcoming school year)
  • November 1 (submitted electronically by October 31, 11:59pm) (for residencies between January 1 and June 30 of that school year) Artist Evaluation
    Artist Evaluation

Artists are evaluated by a panel to ensure that they will meet the needs of North Dakota students. Artist evaluation for the roster consists of two primary components: artistic evaluation and teaching evaluation.

Artists will be admitted to the Arts in Education Roster on a probationary status. Upon completion of two residencies, follow-up evaluations will be conducted to determine permanent placement on the roster.

Artist Roster

To remain on the roster, artists must be contracted for a minimum of one residency during a two-year period of time. The North Dakota Council on the Arts reserves the right to remove any artist from the roster. An artist who is removed from the roster is free to reapply as a “new” artist for a subsequent residency.

The Council on the Arts will accept rostered artists from Arts in Education programs in other states to participate in North Dakota residencies. These artists are exempt from the “new artist” panel review, but must submit an artist application and support materials.

Applying to the Council on the Arts roster:

  • Submit an artist application (see below) to the North Dakota Council on the Arts; or
  • Partner with a North Dakota school or non-profit organization willing to participate in the Artist in Residence grant program.

Artist in Residence New Artist Application

If you apply directly to the North Dakota Council on the Arts you must submit the documentation listed below. If you partner with a school or non-profit organization, they will write the initial Artist in Residence grant, and you will include the following documentation with the sponsor's (the sponsor can be the school or a non-profit organization) grant application:

  • Artist Application Checklist;
  • Artist Profile;
  • Artist narrative questions;
  • Professional-quality photo;
  • Artist resume; and
  • Support Materials.

Assistance: Contact the Arts in Education Director at (701) 328-7593 or email with any questions.

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