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ARTS DAKOTA 2010 Touring Schedule

The Arts Community Celebrated the North Dakota Council on the Arts’ 40 Year Anniversary with a Touring Exhibition - ARTS DAKOTA

2010 Tour schedule:

  • Thru September 26 - Bismarck Art & Galleries Associatioin in Bismarck. Call 223-5986 for more information.
  • October 1-31 - Lake Region Heritage Center in Devils Lake. Call 662-3701 for more information.

Over 60 artists responded to the call to participate in a statewide exhibition celebrating the arts in North Dakota. Hailing from all corners of the state, visual artists, writers, musicians and videographers submitted work to be included in the exhibition ARTS DAKOTA.

The North Dakota Art Gallery Association, New Bohemia, ND and the North Dakota Council on the Arts (NDCA) sponsored this exhibition to celebrate the Council’s 40th Anniversary. Focusing exclusively on North Dakota artists, ARTS DAKOTA showcases many of North Dakota’s finest creative personalities, both professional and amateur.

This Arts Dakota exhibit is a wonderful way for the North Dakota Council on the Arts to commemorate 40 years of service to the arts in North Dakota. The works of art featured here are by North Dakota artists in many disciplines and exemplify the quality and diversity of the talent within our state.” 

~ Jan Webb, Exec. Director NDCA

Visitors to the exhibit will be able to view visual artworks (paintings, drawings, sculpture, ceramics, fiber, jewelry, wood carving, and printmaking), and read the stories as well as listen to songs and see video clips. Participating artists make their homes in towns, large and small, from Beach to Park River. 

Walter Piehl, Jr., Minot, captures the bucking horse and thrilling moments of rodeo in his Expressionistic painting; while Ellen Diedrerich of Fargo provides her calm watercolor painting of hollyhocks. Stunning black & white photographs by Sarah Christianson (Cummings), Daron Krueger (Valley City) and Robb Siverson (Fargo) celebrate the North Dakota experience, as do the songs of Chuck Suchy (Mandan), Brent Braniff (Minot), Greenman and others. Visitors to ARTS DAKOTA exhibition will be able to read passages by aspiring writers, Liam Morrisey (Valley City), Lisa Swanson Faleide (Maddock) and others. Looked at collectively, ARTS DAKOTA contains great diversity, but common themes emerge–love of nature, love of material and a preponderance of images and passages that point to common themes of isolation, remoteness and quiet.

A catalogue, available in November, will document the exhibition and be available for sale through the North Dakota Art Gallery Association.

The original intention of ARTS DAKOTA was to be as comprehensive as possible – giving all artists the opportunity to participate–proved challenging. Identifying the artists and getting them to participate was harder than expected. This fact reveals much about the character of North Dakota’s artists.

Intensely independent, modest, difficult to categorize, private & unconventional… are just a few adjectives used to describe North Dakota artists. As a whole, it is difficult to define the creative people living throughout the state. The difficulty stems from the fact that many people, who would define themselves as artists in another region, do not do so here. They often hide their talent, or do not see it as art. Having limited access to art markets, North Dakota’s artists struggle to make a living through their art making and the practice is relegated to a hobby. They often don’t recognize their own talent, and they don’t share it. To compound the issue, those North Dakota artists who have achieved national recognition often make their art here, but share it elsewhere.

The sponsors of ARTS DAKOTA hope the exhibition will not only showcase participating artists, but will also give those “hidden” talents across the state a better understanding of arts resources, and arts organizations available to assist them. These organizations can help artists to share their arts, improve their art, learn new techniques, network with other artists, work to develop markets and to become recognized a assets within our state and communities.

ARTS DAKOTA will tour throughout the state with stops in Minot, Cando, Jamestown, Fargo, Bismarck, Mayville, Dickinson, Devils Lake and Williston. The exhibition and its tour was made possible by the North Dakota Art Gallery Association with support from the North Dakota Council on the Arts and the North Dakota State Historical Society.

Information on Sponsoring Organizations:

North Dakota Council on the Arts
The North Dakota Council on the Arts (NDCA) is a service and program agency of the state, established in 1967 by the State Legislature to develop the arts and to promote and support the arts in North Dakota. Grant funds are provided by the National Endowment for the Arts and appropriations from the state of North Dakota. The mission of the North Dakota Council on the Arts ensures that the role of the arts in the life of our communities will continue to grow and will play a significant part in the welfare and educational growth of our citizens. Website:

North Dakota Art Gallery Association
The North Dakota Art Gallery Association, NDAGA, is a nonprofit organized in 1975. Administered by a board of gallery member representatives, the Association provides professional training opportunities for its members. NDAGA recognizes and honors outstanding contemporary, folk, and traditional artists. The North Dakota Art Gallery Association will:

  • Organize a support network for isolated rural, as well as urban, art communities;
  • Foster the public’s appreciation and understanding of the arts;
  • Coordinate and disseminate information;
  • Provide common services to organizations engaged in cultural activities; and
  • Sponsor cultural performances and fine art exhibitions.

Find membership information at the website: or email:

New Bohemia, ND
New Bohemia is one of North Dakota’s newest arts organizations. In a fresh and innovative approach, New Bohemia is redefining community, not through geography, or ethnic or religious divisions, but by a common pursuit of creative endeavors. 

New Bohemia, ND doesn’t have a zip code. There are no paved or graveled roads leading to a school, houses, or businesses but New Bohemia exists in North Dakota. It exists in the hearts, souls, and minds of several North Dakota artists who want to elevate the role of the arts and artists in the state. They want the state’s artists to learn how to better market themselves, not just within their local area or region, but nationally and internationally. They want artists to be better able to network with each other, basking in inspiration nurtured through the sharing of like minds. And equally important, the residents, or members of New Bohemia, want to elevate the public’s awareness about the role the arts can and already do play in North Dakota’s tourism and economic development arenas. 

New Bohemia, a recognized North Dakota non-profit organization, has an active board of directors, a growing roster of members, and an annual symposium in Rugby, North Dakota. New Bohemians are:

  • Raising awareness of the social, educational and economic value of art and art activities;
  • Partnering with artists and economic developers to use the arts to maintain rural vitality;
  • Creating marketing opportunities for artists to support them in making a living and a life;
  • Cultivating a vibrant alliance that focuses on positive, forward-thinking plans to nurture and support local genius, and
  • Networking isolated artists separated by long distances.

Find membership information for New Bohemia at the website:, or email:

~ Northwest Art Center Press Release, September 16, 2008 & NDAGA

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